Valor Token (VALOR)

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Valor (VALOR) is the native cryptocurrency of the Smart Valor exchange. Founded in 2017 by Olga Feldmeier, VALOR is an exchange token. Like other exchange tokens, it grants its users several benefits when used for the various services on the exchange.

Located in Switzerland, Smart markets itself as |the world’s first security token exchange for alternative investments.” The exchange strictly follows regulations, and features 4 stakeholders: investors, community contributors, asset issuers and service providers.

As is the case with exchange tokens, the value of the token is closely tied to the services of the exchange, with returns increasing with the growth of the exchange. There are several ways that the token can be used on the platform. Membership stake is the primary benefit, granting access to additional functionality and services to those who stake their VALOR tokens. It can also be used to pay for the platform’s fees, as a bridge currency for trading, and participation in surveys and voting, and loyalty and reward programs. 

Q1 2019 saw the launch of the Smart Valor platform, arguably the biggest milestone for the project to date. The team initially focused on registering the exchange, implementing KYC/AML procedures and completed audits. They also conducted a token sale for the VALOR token, successfully completing it. Goals for Q2 and Q3 2019 are currently in development, and will bring the launch of the Smart Valor exchange itself. Credit card purchasing will also be implemented. Smart Valor also established partnerships with the likes of BitGo, Crypto Valley, Ledger, Dash and the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA).