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Software Testing - how to start?

31 Aug 2021 2 minute read 1 comment Otek

Today, I want to cover the question that is most common when I am told that I'm working as a tester: How to become a software tester? How start? All information here is based on my experience (You Can read a little about that in that post: https://ww...

Where from the Resources for Bitcoin Price Rise Would Come?

30 Aug 2021 3 minute read 0 comments Debesh Choudhury

There are two big questions. How would the price tag of Bitcoin rise? How would Bitcoin investors manage the resources? While finding answers to the above questions, please remember that the resources of the planet are limited! Do you have any real...

Can Crypto Handle Another Carrington Event? Electrical Shielding And Vulnerability In the Solar Flare Timeline

30 Aug 2021 7 minute read 4 comments IRUUR1

I wanted to write an intro for PublishOx readers. IRUUR1 makes no secret about it's love for this platform. Further we hold crypto in the form of BAT and others as part of our financing and promotion of So we are not predicting the world...

Will Bitcoin Price Always Continue to Rise?

28 Aug 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Debesh Choudhury

Cryptocurrency is a real-world use case of blockchain technology. Bitcoin is most probably the first-ever cryptocurrency that has been distributed among the people. The price tag of Bitcoin drastically increased during 2017. Again, in 2021 the world...

Book Review: Start-Up Nation by Dan Senor and Saul Singer

27 Aug 2021 2 minute read 0 comments b_eleven

Book Review: Start-Up Nation by Dan Senor and Saul Singer     Published in 2009, the book outlines the hypothesized variables that contribute to the current "phenomena" of Israel's status as a Start-Up nation (in fact a leading Start-Up nation). Qui...

Blockchain's Private Key-Loss Conundrum

27 Aug 2021 3 minute read 3 comments Debesh Choudhury

If you lose private keys, you lose all your crypto assets forever! The cryptocurrency users know very well that private keys are the most important strings of characters that give them the right to own and execute crypto transactions on their wallets...

Brave New World Author Aldous Huxley Predicts Global Dictatorship Tools; New Drugs, Mass Media, Group Think | 1958

27 Aug 2021 14 minute read 4 comments IRUUR1

A sub human, enslaved Brave New World, "just around the corner?" Aldous Huxley saw it coming and revealed the roadmap in his 1932 novel "Brave New World". In the 1950's he updated his outline for the future, broke it down, and wrote a series of essay...

Software Testing - when computer glitch kills - race condition error example

27 Aug 2021 2 minute read 0 comments Otek

Hello :) I'm glad that You enjoyed my series about Software Testing :) If You don't read the first part or want to know why am I qualified to write about testing, check that post:

I Love My Debit Card that Gives Me Bitcoin Rewards but I Have Finally Found Something I Do Not Like

27 Aug 2021 2 minute read 2 comments Cje95

As soon as I was off the waitlist I applied and was sent my Fold Debit Card. I was even so excited about the prospects of it that I even signed up for the $150 USD Premium Card. Now, this has easily worked out for me as with the Premium version you r...

How to Help Presearch Test Out Its Decentralized Engine

27 Aug 2021 2 minute read 1 comment LateToTheParty

There are a plethora of privacy-focused search engines that do not collect your personal data and sell it to ad corporations. From DuckDuckGo to Qwant to Metager to Brave Search to Presearch, each have its own share of strengths and weaknesses. Perso...