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Steem is a social blockchain platform that focuses on decentralized applications, an example of which is the popular Steemit publishing platform. Launched in 2016 by EOS founder Dan Larimer and Ned Scott, STEEM is one of the earliest examples of a social and content-focused platform that employs cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. 

Steem’s mission is to empower communities by giving them smart tokens to incentivize users to help grow communities and foster participation.

Steem’s most prominent application, Steemit, is a publishing platform where content creators are rewarded with the cryptocurrency token STEEM for the quality they produce. There is also a stablecoin available on the network called Steem Dollars (SBD). Both tokens can be traded on an internal decentralized exchange. Transaction fees are replaced by the inflation rate of the token.

Several other decentralized applications have already been created on Steem. Other dapps include Steem Engine, a platform for issuing and trading Steem-based tokens; DTube, a decentralized platform for uploading and sharing video material; SteemPress, a WordPress plugin connecting WordPress and Steem; and more.

The Steem team is currently focusing on developing Smart Media Tokens, which will “will allow anyone to create their own token...and use those tokens to fundraise, monetize content, and grow their own social communities.” This is intended to help communities in the content creation space to launch their own tokens to support themselves and establish mutually beneficial mini-ecosystems.

A Review Of Steem’s Decentralized Applications

15 Oct 2019 5 minute read Scottcbusiness.eth $2.63 tipped

I’ve been using several Steem decentralized applications or dapps for about 2 years and I’d like to review the social platforms built on Steem and share my recommendations. Keep in mind that for the most part, all the platforms being reviewed today g...

What is STEEM - [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding STEEM]

14 Oct 2019 6 minute read Mr.CryptoWiki $3.69 tipped

image source The cryptocurrency space has plenty of different projects trying to solve different things. However, there aren’t plenty of them who try to get into the social networking business. Steem was one of these ‘several’ projects who attempt t...

The Steem Life: You're Adopted

13 Oct 2019 2 minute read belemo $0.07 tipped

The Steem Life is a series that discusses my journey so far and hopefully motivate others. Previous Episodes: Welcome to The Steem Life It Starts with an Introduction The Lonely Road Strategic Spamming and Learning pixabay The Onion Society Interac...

How to earn 1000$ ?

10 Oct 2019 1 minute read HRGAME $0.23 tipped

How to earn  Friends, as we know, increasing population is a very big problem in front of the whole world and increasing population is giving rise to many problems, one of them is unemployment. According to a report, 38% of the world's population is...

Poloniex Exchange Delisting STEEM Coin

9 Oct 2019 1 minute read Matthew Rosenquist $0.13 tipped

Poloniex customers holding STEEM and a number of other coins were notified via email that the exchange has begun the process to permanently delist the cryptocurrencies.  If you have any STEEM on Poloniex, you MUST act to move or sell those coins.  ...

Steem's Proof of Work - The dark side of Steem.

8 Oct 2019 3 minute read fervi $2.90 tipped

A lot of people don't know Steem's story. They think it's a very nice platform for writing texts (which is partly true). However, they don't know the dark history of Steem, which will weigh over the platform for the rest of its existence. Not many pe...

The Steem Life: Strategic Spamming and Learning

7 Oct 2019 2 minute read belemo $0.04 tipped

The Steem Life is a series that discusses my journey so far and hopefully motivate others. Previous Episodes: - Welcome to The Steem Life - It Starts with an Introduction - The Lonely Road pixabay Don't Cry Steem blockchain is what I like to call an...

Earn Extra Steem $$$ with #busy #palnet #lifestyle #neoxian #creativecoin

6 Oct 2019 1 minute read offgrid $0.14 tipped

if you are still a blogger on Steemit here is a simple way to get some extra Steem upvotes and also earn several new SteemEngine tokens that you can convert to Steem then cash out via PayPal.... Https:// always gives me a good steem upvote if...

Only 30,000 Splinterlands Beta Packs Left

5 Oct 2019 2 minute read egamersio $0.27 tipped

Splinterlands Beta Packs are about to vanish. After the remaining cards are sold the game will never produce these cards again. Let’s take a look at the current status of the current sale and if those cards are worth it. Splinterlands is one of the m...

Clean Planet - Review

4 Oct 2019 1 minute read Juan Molina $0.08 tipped

Do you already know Cleanplanet?     This movement aims to clean up the planet and free it from pollution due to the lack of awareness of us human beings. The damage we cause when we throw our waste in green areas, beaches or simply when we do not c...