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Build Crypto Apps that Scale. Solana is a fast, secure, censorship-resistant blockchain built for global adoption.

The SEC Calls ADA, SOL and MATIC Securities? I Couldn't Care Less!

9 Jun 2023 2 minute read 7 comments Cryptofab

Oh, the drama! The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has made its move, declaring Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), and Polygon (MATIC) as securities. But you know what? I couldn't care less! Why? Because cryptos have been attacked time and time ag...

Built by Mega CT influencer Neon, $BULL looks like the next $BONK

9 Jun 2023 1 minute read 0 comments 6IX9INE

On solana nobody is new to memecoins, some of the most iconic tokens of this cycle were built on solana, and $BULL stands out from the pack in an incredible way. With a seriously successful Pre-sale, and this Chad of an Influencer Neon backing it, We...

Is it just a coincidence? I highly doubt it. Still embroiled in the Binance vs. SEC debate.

7 Jun 2023 3 minute read 0 comments alberdioni8406

This is undoubtedly a hot topic in the cryptocurrency industry, as Binance is the largest centralized exchange for decentralized digital asset trading, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the entity overseeing the sector in Uncle...

The Fundamentals of Blockchain Decentralization: Part 1

6 Jun 2023 5 minute read 1 comment Michael @ CryptoEQ

You are reading an excerpt from our free but shortened abridged report! While still packed with incredible research and data, for just $20/month you can upgrade to our FULL library of 50+ reports (including this one) and complete industry-leading ana...

SEC vs. Binance: Your Mom is a Security!

5 Jun 2023 3 minute read 6 comments ⚡ Daniela ⚡

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken decisive action against Binance Holdings Ltd. (Binance), its U.S.-based affiliate BAM Trading Services Inc. (BAM Trading), and Changpeng Zhao, the renowned founder of Binance. In a comprehensive...

Solarmoon | $MOON will be the first 100x using the new Solana 2022 Token Standard

4 Jun 2023 1 minute read 3 comments 6IX9INE

3 days ago marked the the revolutionary change to the 2022 token standard in the Solana Ecosystem. This allowed for new options when creating tokens such as Fee on Transfer, and reflections.The very first project to implement this standard is the sub...

BULB Write to earn, read to earn and more.

31 May 2023 1 minute read 10 comments crypto newbie mom

Good morning.   I would like to tell you today about BULB, a read and write to earn blogging site on the Solana blockchain. It was founded in September 2021 and  the official  launch for the public to join was April 2023.   Now I love PublishOx and I...

Solana, The Apple of Crypto?

31 May 2023 1 minute read 1 comment Cryptofab

I have never been a huge fan of Solana (SOL), however, a recent article caught my attention and made me reconsider my stance. According to a fascinating piece on CryptoNews, Solana's blockchain has the potential to become the Apple of the crypto worl...

Why you'd rather not play NFT games

30 May 2023 1 minute read 7 comments yanis

NFT games sound like a great opportunity on first onboard : buying a NFT, getting rewards on every win/fight. But, is it really heaven ?   Onboarding process In order to play these games, you will have to purchase a NFT representing your fighter (Wal...

Solana: Empowering the Crypto Space with Lightning-Fast Transactions

30 May 2023 1 minute read 4 comments connor19977

  Introduction: Solana has emerged as a prominent player in the cryptocurrency market, offering lightning-fast transaction speeds and a robust infrastructure. This article explores the key features and advantages of Solana, highlighting its ability...