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power inverter from 110v - 220v - 330v to thousands of watts. 1

25 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments finakey

An investor that has the latest technology and artificial intelligence capable of being very small but efficient. It will have a self-charging which will have two batteries each one lasting a thousand hours each. apart each battery goes charge each o...

Obtener las rutas de carpetas especiales de Windows con VB.Net (I)

16 Sep 2019 9 minute read 2 comments marjuanm

Algunas carpetas especiales de Windows | The Windows club Que tal:   Windows genera muchas carpetas para usos especiales, sin embargo pocas veces se menciona su ubicación y muchas veces pasa desapercibida su existencia. En esta ocasión voy a mostrar...