Insight Chain (INB)

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Insight Chain (INB) is a blockchain-based platform that offers solutions in the big data and analytics space. Founded in 2018, the team wishes to establish “the world's first big data ecosystem public blockchain with infinite scalability.” 

Something like a research ecosystem for companies and individuals that wish to leverage the ever increasing amount of data that is being produced, the team has listed several use cases in which the Insight Chain ecosystem can be applied: surveys, e-commerce portals, community/customer feedback gathering and decentralized exchanges. 

The platform uses several distinct techniques in its bid to become a global source for blockchain-based big data analyses and insights. It is based on the EOS blockchain, but uses a unique consensus algorithm called the Validated Delegated Proof-of-Stake (VDPoS), a combination of DPoS, Byzantine Fault Tolerance and validation nodes. The team says that this provides improved security and transaction performance. The team will also implement the sharding technique to the network to boost scalability even further.

2019 has seen some sizable steps forward for the project. In Q1 2019, the team released the technical whitepaper, complete with feasibility validation and prototype development. Q2 2019 brought the implementation of DPoS and BFT, and the testing of the network. Currently, the team is developing smart contracts based on the IVM and IBN transaction engine.  

The last two quarters of 2019 will see the biggest step forward of all: the release of the mainnet version of the platform. Multi-child chain architecture and the migration of business data onto the blockchain are also planned.

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