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How to Mentally Break the Bondage of Debt

28 Apr 2020 3 minute read 0 comments CoachCCAlbert

Borrowing happens.  If you are truly debt free, then either you have just been born or you are one the very few that is not under the spell of being in debt.  In fact, it is beginning to feel like everyone owes everyone so where is all this money rea...

Episode 29: IMF Debt Cancellation, New World Order & XRP News

22 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments NewCreationCapital

Audio:   Video:     In Episode 29 After seeing the Director of the IMF speak on debt cancellation  we decided to dig into this as our "Story of the Day" The Bearablebull youtube video More than a third of the world’s largest banks use Ripple – repo...

Incent offers new possibilities for wealth generation

27 Jun 2019 2 minute read 0 comments Incent

The crypto rewards platform offers a unique opportunity for regular shoppers, amid a surge in income-generating smartphone apps. Crypto loyalty platform Incent is giving everyday consumers a new way to save as they spend, building a nest egg at a tim...

What's Your WOTY?

3 Feb 2019 2 minute read 5 comments bitoflifegirl

I am not particularly fond of New Year’s resolutions; which only tend to set one up for failure. The multiple parts making up a resolution put too much emphasis on everything one hasn’t yet accomplished. On the contrary, I love one single well-picked...