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AMPL Becomes 100% Utilized on AAVE in Less Than 24 Hours

25 Jul 2021 3 minute read 1 comment zacharias

25 July 2021:  In less than 24 hours after the official launch of Ampleforth borrowing/lending on the DeFi platform Aave, AMPL reached 100% utilization.  This means that no more AMPL is available for borrowing at this time.  This is a monumental boos...

Guess #AMPL Rebase and Win from $200 in $AMPL Rewards Pool - Round 7!

25 Jul 2021 2 minute read 25 comments Igor Tomić

UPDATE: The rebase on the 28th of July at 2 AM UTC was +0.9146%. And we have our two winners, as announced here:   Here are the tweets from the two winning guessers:     We are rewarding 2 users who get the closes guess of what the rebase of $AMPL...

How Supply and Demand is Rocking and Taking Ampleforth to the MOON

24 Jul 2021 1 minute read 4 comments Defiant Pathfinder

I have bee in these crypto and Forex Markets since 2016 and all these years i have been figuring out what really moves the markets and i have seen a lot but today we are going to talk about only 1. Supply and Demand I am sure you all know that withou...


24 Jul 2021 5 minute read 8 comments CryptoWingnut

The topic of today’s post is the Ampleforth (AMPL) token, a very interesting algorithmic stablecoin. It uses an interesting elastic supply mechanic as it’s method of rebasing to maintain it’s peg. There is even community governance, so it’s a pretty...

Ampleforth Protocol Expands with AAVE & MIST Integrations

23 Jul 2021 2 minute read 0 comments zacharias

23 July 2021:  It is finally here.  Not only is Ampleforth multichain across Ethereum, Binance, & Matic, but it is now finally integrated with Aave lending & also Alchemist (MIST).  The integration with Alchemist & what MIST is will be the topic of a...

Realistic Earning on Publish0x - Tipping, Writing and Referrals

23 Jul 2021 4 minute read 5 comments Lukros76

I've now been a member of Publish0x for about 3 months, and an author for a bit less than that so I got to experience first hand both just the tipping aspect and the writing aspect and I'd like to share this experience through this article, hopefully...

How to Maximize Your Publish0x Earnings Part 2 - Ampleforth

20 Jul 2021 4 minute read 12 comments Absolute Unit

As a continuation of my series on Maximizing Your Publish0x Earnings, I'd like to focus in on the second token Publish0x has integrated for tipping, Ampleforth (AMPL). AMPL is an algorithmic stablecoin that uses rebases to hold it's peg, meaning supp...

Why We Need to Establish a New Layer to Society - The Global Societal System

13 Jul 2021 6 minute read 10 comments zacharias

13 July 2021:  We often think of the world through the lenses of our respective countries (nation-states) in which we are born into.  Through this viewpoint, the nature of the world and each of our places within it tend to seem more disconnected than...

How Defi Projects Use Chainlink Oracles

13 Jul 2021 3 minute read 10 comments Crypto Adventure

Chainlink is a crypto oracle network introduced in 2017 to provide oracle solutions to the crypto and Defi world. Oracles are tools designed to provide data feeds from the non-blockchain world(off-chain) to the blockchain and smart contract world(on-...

Ampleforth Projections

12 Jul 2021 1 minute read 10 comments Defiant Pathfinder

When it comes to crypto trading, it is traded the same way financial markets are traded and the concepts like supply and demand are all the same. I just want to do a quick analysis on Ampleforth and its future projections. First i want to talk a litt...