Scalping guide [BITMEX]

By MrBullishSail | TA crypto market | 15 Jul 2019

Scalping guide

13 pages.

Format: PDF.

Price: $30.


Locate entries in long.

Locate short entries.

Placement of the horizontal in the setup.
Profit taking.
Placement of stop loss.
Appropriate use of fibonacci (simple but valuable explanation).
Important tips.

The guide contains a chart for each entry in long or short, the chart illustrates the pattern, the placement of the horizontal and the placement of positions, also explain on the same page what is on the chart, as well as the configuration of take profit and stop loss.

The guide I have done the simplest thing to understand, so I have tried to explain each page, any trader can easily learn its content and start making profits, however, it is recommended to meet the following requirements:

  • Experience in the use of the Bitmex platform.
  • Experience in using tradingview for reading price action and placing tools.

For a proper use of the guide it is recommended that the person is accustomed to the management of the Bitmex platform and tradingview management, requires good placement of the horizontal and good observation of the price action, in the guide explain well their placements and configuration of take profit and stop loss, for each setup that is presented.

Scalping requires a lot of patience and control of emotions, when scaling you have to be 100% seeing the price action, when I start a trade I do nothing but see the chart.


If you meet these requirements I'm sure the guide will be very profitable!



On what temporality is the guide based?

  • 5 minutes away.

What leverage is best used for this guide?

  • X10, X20

What if the guide doesn't work for me?

  • The strategy I have tested and works correctly, I have explained each operation to facilitate the use of the guide, the rest is up to you, I am not responsible for your own results.

In what currency can I make the payment?

  • BTC


If you are interested in acquiring this guide you can contact me directly at my email: [email protected]

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you can let me know in the comments of this post, if you like.


Doubts or suggestions feel free to make them in the comments! :)

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