Exploring Again To Go Beyond Antarctica Prove The Earth Is Flat

By symi | symi | 20 Aug 2019


When people look for boundary pushers, they are documenting the latest fashion trends, gossip and news to keep us motivated. These people, the watchers, are always looking, with their keen sense of observation finely tuned into novelty and pattern recognition. Most of the boundary pushers who fell off back into conformity end up as low-level reporters for normie news sites, scavenging for change off of the headlines the true pioneers create.

As the truth is found to be somewhat like a hologram or quantum particle, it is not quite able to been seen or felt in the traditional way. The true explorers push through all layers of carefully crafted con-artistry to find the real meaning behind our encrypted reality. In order to accomplish this they intentionally set themselves a path of rigorous strength testing and character building.

With eyes and ears seemingly everywhere, they have already occupied several key positions of power with plans ready for more. Exposing the outer boundaries of our known world to the public is the key to our push forward into the unknown and all of our unanswered questions about our time here. The sleepers in this matrix may be lost souls just looking for a light, and when can give them that ignition spark with the help of ExploringAgain.com.


There are several long-term projects currently under construction and breaking major ground in nearly every conceivable fringe fashion, and Exploring Again is at the tip of the beak of the penguin of progress. Are there penguins beyond Antarctica? Follow or join Exploring Again to help us brainstorm solutions to the world's most critical problems in an uncertain, Post-Globe society.


ExploringAgain.com has sponsored countless invaluable assests to fellow groundbreaking visionaries like Mad Mike Hughes and is a major player in the Infinite Plane Society. Those seeking to remain on the cutting edge of Extra Earth exploration should have ExploringAgain on their radar, that is, if it can find us.

For more information visit ExploringAgain.com, affilliated with the AUTOHOAX network.

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