Symbiosis Finance Monthly Journal. December

Hello Symbiosis family!

We hope that December was great for you and you celebrated Christmas well. Also, December was intended for Symbiosis Finance. We had many activities and events this month. Today we’ll gonna tell you about them. If you like it, then we will release such a compilation of news every month.
Let’s start!

$SIS listing on three big exchanges (; Uniswap; ByBit)

If you followed us in November, then you probably know that we had an IDO on the ByBit launchpad, DaoMaker SHO, and startup. After that on December 2nd $SIS was listed on ByBitUniswap, and Now you can easily buy a $SIS token on these exchanges.

Also, you can follow the $SIS price on coinmarketcap and coingecko.





Integration with 3 more networks

Symbiosis finance is a decentralized multi-chain liquidity protocol. That’s why we are adding new chains step by step.

In December we integrated with AvalancheHECO chain, and OEC chain( OKExChain). We are planning to integrate with more networks in the next months. You can try new networks on our testnetHere you can read our guide about Symbiosis testnet.



Symbiosis LP Farming Event on Uniswap

To encourage users to provide liquidity on Uniswap, we have launched a reward program in the amount of 50,000 $SIS tokens for ETH-SIS LP staking on Uniswap.

In addition to the big APY, if you were stacking $SIS in December, you could also get rewards from our prize pool.

Maybe we will make such a competition in January. Subscribe to our social networks so as not to miss it. 



Symbiosis AMA sessions

The popularization of symbiosis finance and interaction with our community is one of our main values. That’s why we had 4 AMA sessions this month. You can read the recap from one of them here.

The main AMA session was in the Twitter space with our CMO Nick Avramov. All Symbiosis finance fans could ask questions there.

We are planning to make more AMA’s with the community in the future. There’s also a chance to win rewards on these live events.









$SIS OKEx Jumpstart and listing on OKEx



Another exchange that listed $SIS in December was OKEx. Also, before listing the $OKB token holders had a chance to participate in the $SIS OKEx Jumpstart with the 500,000 $SIS tokens prize pool. Now you can buy a $SIS token on OKEx here.

Besides, we had a giveaway for users who registered on OKEx via our link and filled out Google form.



Announcement of Symbiosis Roadmap on the 2022 year

We have big plans for the upcoming year. To keep you up to date with all the events that are planned in 2022, you can view our roadmap.



Symbiosis meme contest

Another cool event that we held for our community was a meme contest. It was difficult to choose 5 winners because all memes were funny.

You can view winners on our Instagram.





Symbiosis Christmas merch raffle

Our team has prepared a Christmas raffle where 5 lucky symbiotes will receive a hoodie and another 5 a scarf.



News that was not included in the main list:

We wish you all the best in the new year! For us, 2022 should be the most exciting year since its beginning.


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