Integrating 1inch network

Today we’re proud to announce that we’re partnering and integrating 1inch to enable the best price discovery for cross-chain swaps. 


That’s a tremendous step for us as now we will be using the best on the market solution for arbitrary asset swaps, and for ourselves better concentrate on working out our ultimate proposition: any to any tokens, EVM and non-EVM networks, all in a single click. 

Best-in-Class Routing meets Cross-Chain Liquidity


As one probably recall, the Symbiosis protocol manages stablecoin liquidity pools and routes the transaction through existing DEXes, so the partnership with 1inch is essential to enable the best prices for the end-users as the 1inch Aggregation protocol Pathfinder is working on both sides: on the source chain and destination chain sides. 


The technical details of Metarouter v3 and its interaction with a 1inch router is present here.

Everything is done under the hood, the users don't need to switch between different interfaces. Especially the difference becomes sensitive on large transactions — in that case, using 1inch routing provides by far the best price per swap. Just like that 🪄

New Interface


On the eve of the 1inch release, we’ve slightly changed the user interface to keep the colour calmer. 


Also, we’ve made slight changes to make the experience smoother for our Swap/LP users. We’ll experiment with different colors and layouts to find the best balance between our branding and convenience. 

Be one of the first ones to make swaps with 1inch on our app.

The Path Ahead: 

We launched our Beta mainnet two months ago, on March 9th. With ongoing partnership campaigns and new networks, as well as with dedicated community engagement and management, we keep growing steadily. 

We have much more news in store and 1inch is opening the season of big changes and announcements.

Any to any token swaps with a single click. 


Hands in hands with the best (kudos to the 1inch team ✌️) 

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