How to Register on ByBit Symbiosis Launchpad

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Hello, I am an active community user of Symbiosis. I got so many questions about the ByBit launchpad. Not everybody knows how to participate in it. Today I will tell you how to do it.

As you can see, to participate in Launchpad you have to have BIT tokens. The more you have, the more allocation you can get. The sale starts on 2021–12–02. From 2021–11–27 00:00 to 2021–12–01 23:59(UTC), you have to hold BIT tokens on your ByBit account. The daily average amount of BIT in your Spot Account and ByFi Account must be equal to or greater than 50 and will be rounded up to the nearest integer. So, you do have not so much time!

Subscription Period

You can commit a certain number of BIT towards the new project. To do so, you must click on the “Commit Now” button during this subscription period. The max. number of BIT you can commit depends on the daily average BIT balance in your Spot Account and ByFi Account over the 5-day snapshot period. Please note that the number of BIT you’ve committed will be locked and cannot be accessed for transfers, withdrawals, or trading until after the final SIS distribution.

Distribution Period

Your final SIS allocation amount = (the amount of BIT you’ve committed / total amount of BIT committed by all participants) * total amount of SIS allocated for the project.

Please note that the max. amount of SIS you can receive is capped at 500, and the amount that exceeds the limit will be allocated to participants who haven’t reached this hard cap yet. Based on your final SIS allocation result, the corresponding BIT equivalent will be deducted from your committed amount, while your SIS allocation and the remaining BIT will be credited back to your Spot Account.

Launch Period

The new spot pair, SIS/USDT, will be live for trades at 2021–12–02 12:00 (UTC) if liquidity conditions are met.

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