Where to get the best crypto rates?

Where to get the best crypto rates?

By Swapzone | Swapzone Blog | 31 Aug 2020

Where to get the best crypto rates?

A crypto exchange can help you transfer one cryptocurrency to another in moments. You can get the specific digital currency you require for anything, from producing decentralized apps to purchasing products from websites that accept cryptocurrencies.

But you aren’t always going to receive a clean exchange for each transaction you complete on a crypto exchange. Every service uses different crypto rates for its offers.

A crypto rate is a transaction point showing what an exchange will offer when you look to transfer one digital currency to another. You might say that you have a specific amount of Bitcoin that you wish to transfer to Monero. The exchange will help you move that Bitcoin to Monero, but you won’t get a 1:1 rate on the transaction. The value of your new currency will be less due to fees and other charges. You’ll need to look around online to find the best crypto rates to help you make the most out of your transaction.

Swapzone can assist you in finding the best crypto rates for whatever currencies you desire. You can utilize Swapzone to see what the rates are between exchanges to get more out of your transfer. You should notice what makes these rates different between exchanges before you start.

Why trading pairs vary in value

Trading pairs will come with different values. For example, you might have 0.01 in Bitcoin that you wish to transfer to Ripple. You could take that 0.01 BTC and get 370.02 XRP from one exchange. Another exchange will only offer 368.94 XRP for the same trade.

There are multiple reasons why exchanges that offer these rates can change their values so much:

1. Liquidity or volume

Liquidity is a measure of the availability of assets. A liquid asset has a higher volume in total. It may be easier to get a better value if the assets you trade are liquid, as it is easier to access them and complete transactions. You might encounter a substantial fee or low rate if your trade isn’t fluid enough.

2. Demand

The demand for some currencies may also influence how well trading pairs can work. An exchange might add a small fee to a transaction if the demand for something is high. The intense interest might make it to where the currency transfer will take a while. The exchange would require enough computer processing power to handle the deal, thus causing that group to charge more for the service.

3. Fees

Sometimes the fees for currencies might be high, although the totals can change. People who trade at high volumes might encounter higher-value fees, but those fees would make up a smaller percentage of the total transaction.

4. The peer’s specifics

A peer to peer transaction will always entail a fee initiated by one side. Some exchanges or peers will demand higher fees or charges than others.

Finding the best rates is easy

The good news is that you don’t have to waste your time trying to find the best crypto rates. Swapzone has an interface that lets you check on the top rates for services. You can use Swapzone to find out who is available for trades and how well you can get a quality deal on what is open.

You can use these steps with Swapzone to help you see who offers the best deals. You can get the results you need in moments:

  1. Visit the Swapzone website at swapzone.io.
  2. Enter the specific currency you wish to send and how much you want to trade.
  3. Enter the currency you wish to receive.
  4. Check on the offers on the right-hand side of the screen. You can sort through these offers by rate, which offers the trade the fastest, and the best rating among past users.

Swapzone lets you check on rates from all the top volume traders on the market. These include entities like Changelly, ChangeNOW, CoinSwitch, SimpleSwap, FixedFloat, and many others.

The effort helps you buy Bitcoin or any other currency in moments. You can also use this to see how much of a range individual exchanges hold. For example, you might try to trade 0.01 Bitcoin for Ethereum. But while one website will take your 0.01 BTC and give you 0.2804 ETH, another might provide 0.2851 ETH.

These totals can change after a while. Swapzone always provides the most up to date information on what you can get out of a transaction. The data lets you make the best decision over what you wish to get out of your currency trade.

Quick notes for crypto rates

Finding the best crypto rates with Swapzone is easy to follow. But you should take note of a few points before you complete your transaction and get your currency ready for use:

  • Not all exchanges will support every cryptocurrency, especially when it comes to small-volume ones. Swapzone can list which specific exchanges will accept your offer.
  • Check on the payment methods that the crypto buyer accepts. Sometimes you might have to pay extra money outside your crypto wallet to complete a deal.
  • All exchanges have different transaction fees. Swapzone’s rates do not include the transaction fees from those companies, so check their websites for details.
  • Proper customer service is always helpful if you have any concerns. Check with an exchange to see what customer service features it offers.

It’s easy to gather the best crypto rates when you use the right solution. Check with Swapzone on swapzone.io to see how you can find ideal rates for whatever digital currency exchange you wish to complete. Be sure also to review how each exchange service works. You’ll have more control over the exchange experience, as you’ll have a better understanding of what works when you complete a transaction.


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