Skyscraper of the Metaverse: Bloktopia.
Skyscraper of the Metaverse: Bloktopia.

Skyscraper of the Metaverse: Bloktopia.

By Swapzone | Swapzone Blog | 17 Dec 2021

The crypto industry is gradually shifting towards the metaverse and we have seen several projects follow that line in recent times. One of these projects is Bloktopia metaverse, it is a project that offers users a unique VR experience. The Bloktopia metaverse consists of a virtual skyscraper that has several functions, which enables participants to earn and learn in different ways.

VR has come a long way and seems it is evolving beyond being just a visual frenzy. Developers are now figuring out how to tie it to a secure platform, monetary gains, immersive gameplay, and building a strong community out of it just as we have seen with what Bloktopia is trying to achieve. Let’s learn more with Swapzone!


What is Bloktopia?

The Bloktopia platform is literally a skyscraper based on virtual reality. It has 21 levels to pay homage to the maximum supply of Bitcoin, which is capped at 21 million units. Holding the BLOK token earns you the name Bloktopian.

Bloktopia will serve all levels of crypto experience by acting as a central hub that many users can relate with. In a first of its kind, users will be able to learn via access to immersive content and crypto information in a single entity. That is not all; Bloktopians will also be able to earn via income generated from advertisement, building networks, owning real estate, playing games among others.

Using some of the most advanced real-time 3D creation engines in the world, the metaverse of Bloktopia hopes to create a spectacular user experience and visualizations. Bloktopia is combining the power of blockchain, crypto, AR, and VR to bring forth a decentralized platform fit for developers, investors, future entrepreneurs, and players.

The fast and reliable Polygon blockchain is where the Bloktopia metaverse calls home. It is built using the Unity cross-platform game engine by the Sony PlayStation VR founders.


Key features

The key features of Bloktopia revolve around the four pillars of the Bloktopia Metaverse. They are:

  • Learn

Bloktopia is presenting itself as a focal point that users around the world can visit to learn information regarding the crypto world. A topic many can find challenging. 

  • Earn

There are several earning opportunities infused into the Bloktopia metaverse for Bloktopians. These earning opportunities include buying or speculating on real estate. You also lease or resell bought real estate. That is not all, users can also earn through staking, advert, and passive earning.

  • Play

The Bloktopia metaverse exists so that users can socialize, relax, compete and have fun with friends via VR first-person interaction.

  • Create

Users can utilize a simple builder to bring their creativity to life through artwork, creating scenes, or winning prizes by participating in events.


Key places in Bloktopia

  • Spawning Stage

When you venture into the Bloktopia metaverse, you will need to create an avatar. The created avatar will be spawned outside the Skyscraper. To access the building, users need to enter via the building’s concourse.

  • Level One

Every Bloktopian starts at the first level when they enter the skyscraper, this level has the biggest footfall in the whole building. This level is also vital as it hosts the crypto pricing data, premium retail space, help desk, and navigation area.

  • Gaming and Penthouse

You can only access gaming activities from the last floor of the building, which is floor 21. There are various games available from R18 rated games to multiplayer, child-friendly games. Access to this floor is also by invitation and those invited gain access to the luxury penthouse on this floor where they compete for the native token of the platform called BLOK. The token serves as the governance and utility token of the metaverse.

  • The Auditorium

There is also a virtual auditorium that can host various types of big presentations, events, and talks relating to the world of cryptocurrencies. This helps keep users updated about the latest trend in the crypto world. Any Bloktopian that grace events hosted in the Auditorium will gain BLOK coin as a reward. 


Earning opportunities

  • Earning with BLOK 

The BLOK token can be bought and sold by Bloktopians through CEXs and DEXs. To reduce the maximum supply of the BLOK token, every token from the early real estate purchases will be burnt publicly. To buy items in the metaverse will also require BLOK.

  • Earning With REBLOK

In the metaverse, when you buy real estate it is called Reblok. Users can buy real estate after BLOK  distribution event. Real estate is regarded as a very valuable commodity in the Bloktopia metaverse where users can resell or lease their real estate to earn passive income. They can also speculate on real estate.

  • Earning With ADBLOK

Another important way of earning on Bloktopia is through advertisements. The platform intends to partner with key brands and present them with the opportunity to advertise within the metaverse of Bloktopia. A part of the fees generated from ads will be distributed to BLOK holders.

Additionally, to give the BLOK token good value, all BLOK tokens got from the proceeds of BLOK real estate sales will be locked publicly. This will consequently reduce the BLOK token supply.


BLOK token utility

As you already know, the BLOK coin is the native crypto of the Bloktopia platform. It will be needed before you can buy or lease real estate in the metaverse. With the BLOK token, users can buy items on the Bloktopia marketplace through an NFT mechanism. Items that can be used to personalize your avatar and customize your real estate will be on display.

The BLOK coin crypto is the utility token and holds several functions with the Bloktopia metaverse like gaining access to pre-sales and exclusive events as well as staking.

Additionally, the token will also serve as a governance token and Reblok NFT holders will be among the governance council. Voting is done through a DAO and each NFT represents a vote. On every proposal made to the DAO, the majority of votes wins. 


In recent times, the Bloktopia platform secured a partnership deal with Elrond, a blockchain network. It signifies the intent of the Elrond platform to go into the metaverse. By taking up the role of Anchor Tenant in the metaverse, the virtual headquarters of the Elrond platform will be on level 1. This gives Elrond maximum exposure for its personalized lounge and content.

Other partners of the Bloktopia metaverse include the Polygon, Zokyo, Anzu, and Venly. The notable investors also include Magnus Capital, Genblock Capital, Bitboy crypto, AU21 Capital, etc. involved in the project.

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