Matching Tourism With Crypto: Ariva Digital (ARV)

Matching Tourism With Crypto: Ariva Digital (ARV)

By Swapzone | Swapzone Blog | 30 Jun 2022


Ariva Digital is a global B2C tourism and travel platform with the Ariva Coin (ARV) as its native cryptocurrency.

Developers created the futuristic token for local travel and tourism networks. With ARV, holders and members can link up with local and global tourism service providers, make bookings with and earn crypto funds from reservations and the content they share.

One of the project’s major goals is to remove the high cost of international high-volume transfers in the tourism industry, one of the high-volume ones in the world.

The crypto project is working to replace credit and debit cards in travel, allowing users to transact with ARV tokens in any country while removing the need for large transaction costs.

So far, it promises some great things for the tourism space; however, it is not without some early disadvantages.


Advantages of ARV Coin

  • Users can connect with several tourism agencies, make travel reservations through the blockchain, and pay for travel expenses.
  • It offers low fees in transactions in the travel and tourism space
  • Users of the platform earn rewards when they make reservations or provide data via it.

Disadvantages of ARV Coin

  • As with other new cryptos, it is a risky investment
  • Travel and tourism restrictions that come with global crises like a pandemic or a war can affect the token.


ARV Ecosystem Integrations

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts regard ARV as the digital tourism currency of the future. It promises to be a coin that you can spend safely in any country from your crypto wallet.

Travellers don’t need to carry a large amount of cash, debit cards, or even struggle with the complexities of Swift transactions. To make this possible, Ariva has a few ecosystem integrations.


Ariva Projects

Developers built ARV for active use in a global scale B2C tourism & travel network. Here are some projects that Ariva has come up with to transform international and local travel.



Ariva.World is the next generation of decentralized tourism and travel portals built on blockchain technology.

It is a network where its members can link up with all the global and local service providers given travelers’ past shares and experiences.

Travellers can then book reservations with cryptocurrencies and earn rewards for the valuable content they share. Here are some sections of this particular project:

  • Business Dashboard: This is a unique product and service panel for global travel service providers such as car rentals, hotels, tour guides, airlines, etc.
  • Online Shop: The online shop is a virtual space where tourists and travellers can buy valuable retail local goods via crypto.
  • Facility and Service Listings:This is a travel portal that every user with a B2C facility and service details can use. Here travellers get to book with crypto.



Ariva.Finance is another new and exciting project from the network. As crypto becomes even more mainstream and a part of daily life, users can use Ariva.Finance to gain access to a means of payment that is global, fast, transparent, secure, and affords them low transaction fees.

Through this service, one can easily set up payment gateways on mobile applications and websites in minutes. The network will also publish APIs and documentation on Github when they launch fully.

It promises to solve the excess payments that online buyers and sellers make for the hidden fees and commissions of the traditional bank system.

Travelers also get access to free crypto wallets that work with major wallets and coins. Overall the project promises to be secure, easy, and fast.



Ariva.Club is a new and innovative social media network. Within it, users can share their real-world experiences about restaurants, travels, hotels, yachts, travel agencies, museums, and other related tourism topics.

What’s more, users get a crypto reward for the content they share. The project aims to filter scams and promotions, only showing real personal experiences that users share via photos, blogs, and videos worldwide.


Ariva Wonderland

This is one of the world’s first tourism Metaverse — a limitless and fully next-gen travel experience that offers visitors a virtual second life away from the real world.

It allows users to virtually travel to new and amazing attractions they haven’t been to right from the comfort of their homes.

Users get to experience many rich cultures and simultaneously travel to different regions, socialize, build their tourism centers, and earn money in a decentralized way.


Why ARIVA is Targeting the Tourism and Travel Industry

Ariva targets the tourism and travel industry because it is a key driver of global economic and investment growth.

The sector is a major contributor to the US economy, constituting 10.4% of GDP while providing over 300 million jobs for countries worldwide.

Besides, dream vacations are part of that comfort since everyone, including investors, employees, social media personalities, and financiers earn money to lead a comfortable life.

Meanwhile, Ariva understands that most payments and bookings are made over the internet today, so why not leverage cryptos to do what fiat does, only faster?



The network’s mission is to build a global crypto-based B2C/B2B travel and tourism platform via the launch of the Ariva.World portal.

This should allow travelers to book travel easily and safely while pioneering virtual crypto travel payments globally.


The network hopes its digital token can eliminate costly international bulky money transfers while removing the swift transaction difficulties in the global travel and tourism space.

Meanwhile, it also aims to remove dependence on fiat money, credit, and debit cards for international travel.

Ariva wants to eliminate the complexities of using local currencies in the tourist’s destination country.


Ariva Coin has a total supply of 100B ARV tokens and a circulating supply of 62.98B ARV. Here is a breakdown of its tokenomics:

  • Main Wallet (34%): This is ARV’s main wallet, and it currently constitutes 34% of the token’s total supply — 34,008,004,439 units.
  • Developer Fund (2.5%): The Developer Fund wallet constitutes 2.50% of the total — this is 2,500,000,000 units.
  • Marketing Fund (0.50%): It is the network’s marketing wallet, and it constitutes 0.50% of the total supply — 505,683,574 units.


How and Where to Buy ARV Token?

ARV is listed on several crypto exchanges, but unlike some other major currencies, you can’t buy it with fiats like EUR or USD.

You first have to buy popular coins like Bitcoin, USDT, BNB, ETH, and BNB from major exchanges and then transfer them to exchanges that trade the ARV coin.

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