Intro to market cipher BTC/altcoin trading : Got my mind made up, gonna get on a good foot.

By true gileadensis | Surfing prices | 18 Jan 2021

Some good calls there, Market Cipher is the best! As you can see we can call the tops and bottoms without guessing this way.

Got my mind made up, going to have me a party. (if you want some music while you read, try "peoples choice jam jam jam"  

I decided to watch the 3 hour chart of some of the major altcoins compared to BTC. The best place to start is BNB.


BNB has been getting hammered vs BTC till now, the reason why is: BNB reduces trading fees on Binance. No one wanted to trade altcoins on Binance till BTC got some price stability. Now that UNI and DOT, and even ADA have taken some of that action people are remembering that Vitalik B is a genius and ETH is amazing and that defi is owning the banks profits in share via funding percentage, BNB has a use again. Lower fees to trade the altcoins. So trading in and out of BNB into alts may pay more than BTC/alts right now. BNB ought to keep climbing on BTC till the time is right, I would guess a BTC parabolic correction, but with the USD due to dilute the 27 trillion debt by 8%, we can expect another BTC rally, making our gains only in fiat currency, possible losses in BTC UGH!!!! I like to avoid that! So firstly BNB over BTC for now, but at the very moment BTC is making a rally so BNB has to chill for a day or so, its topped out on the 3 hour. 


ADA had a nice rally buy that is over for now on the 3 hour, look at BTC climb. Missed that one!!!

Next is MKR/BTC a huge pair due to grow. I had traded from . 025 to .044


I will make your dreams real now, mostly everything I post TODAY will be trending down against BTC just for now.... I post this all cause info stacks your stack upward. 

Next up we have MATIC/BTC and whoa!!!!! I can tell you on the longer time frames Matic is going UP against BTC, perhaps to 300 satoshi? I got my matic on sale at 106 satoshi, then will surf the next wave which now appears to be UNI.



And so on to UNI/BTC 


UNI/BTC is pumping right now, I wish I was here but I got a feeling MATIC will pump more, could be wrong! This is a hold it till it fizzles trade right NOW.


Next is DOT, another huge pump here. 



DOT/BTC is also topped out, at least for the moment but all these can change in a few hours. 

I cant screenshot everything but right now it looks like UNI is pumping hard and MATIC has a big pump coming to say 106 sat.


What I do is find the best of these pairs, I keep them all up on screen and have alerts set, so even in my sleep the 5.1 speakers blow up and wake me up, I live it! 

To sum this up I will post more trading pairs against BTC here as they come, this was a picture of my efforts in total to show you what we have to work with, as I said I am in MATIC, will probably close out into BNB and into the next major pair that wants to pump against BTC. 

Edit: So far we have seen the UNI price stop pumping, and the MATIC has gone to 102 satoshi, I say 106 sat sell because the binance MATIC/BTC pair has a lot of selling at 107, much less at 106 for now, and if I can fill at 106 ill make plenty enough to call it a good trade, got in at 97 sat. Before then I traded the books the same way, and MKR the same before it, it usually fills at the gap in the order books and then corrects down, to be honest this is slow but easy gains as long as I don't buy tops, which is part of what I am posting for you all, not just the good trades that will go up, but the topped out trades so you don't have to buy the top, watch it drop and wait a few days or more till its at your entry again, while another coin pumps 20% in a day, and you miss it cause your thinking about breaking even! 



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true gileadensis
true gileadensis

Just sharing some chart analysis with the Market Cipher trading tool. If you want to learn more:

Surfing prices
Surfing prices

To be blunt, I surf the depth charts on BTC trading pairs.

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