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Why I'm Seeking A Side Hustle

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 21 Apr 2022

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The Dilemma


I finally started working full time just a little over a month ago and at this point, I am in a position where I am able to handle all of my expenses and have a bit left over to save, but it just doesn't feel like a ton. I know that one of my weaknesses is patience, so I am working on that as I move forward, but I just can't feel satisfied with what I'm doing knowing that almost 25% of what I'm making is just being stolen away by the government each time I get paid.

I really gave it some thought and I think that I need to find a side hustle or a job of some sort to make a little extra money. Though I am not underwater, the progress has been slow and will not be changing anytime soon. I want to get a side job where I am putting more or less 100% of my earnings into investments that will grow and build my financial future.


The first idea that comes to mind is obviously just picking up a second job. There is a really nice Japanese BBQ place around the corner from me that posted that they are looking to hire staff. I have a little experience hosting at restaurants and with a 30 second commute, I wouldn't mind walking over there a few week nights and getting some hours in. I would hope that would come with some free food as well!

I am unfortunately living without a car at this time so Uber Eats or delivery is out of the question as I found out I do not have nearly the stamina needed to make deliveries on the bike.

The next idea that comes to mind is trying to start my own small business. I know that a lot of people do things like dropshipping or reselling items on eBay, but I don't think that type of work interests me. I would love to find something to do with cryptocurrency or with something that has to do with nightlife as those are two things that really interest me, yet I'm just at a bit of mental blank spot when it comes to those things.

I will be continuing to think of things that I can pursue and maybe start to build out some structure of how I can make a few extra hundred dollars a week. I would love to pump my investments up during this accumulation period so that I can reap the benefits later on when we reach a real bull market again in crypto.

If anyone has any ideas or stories on what they have pursued to make some extra money on the side of their full time job, let me know as I am absolutely open to suggestions at this point.


I have been reading that finance book called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and though I don't think I agree with everything the author is saying, there are some great points raised.

One thing that the author says is that you can consider yourself to be wealthy when your monthly passive income pays for your monthly cost of living. If I were able to say my cryptocurrency and DeFi was making enough money a month to cover my expenses of food, shelter, water, electricity, etc. I would feel really financially secure and thus I found this to be a great goal.

Another thing the author said is that while you are young you need to be investing in yourself and making sure that you are building your asset column even if that means working extra or adjusting your lifestyle. I personally believe that cryptocurrency is the main way that I would like to be investing in my future and thus much of what I earn I would like to put into that.

Whatever you decide to invest in, make sure that you are doing so with a responsible plan and that you are focusing on building yourself up moving forward.

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