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What's Happening In Canada Just Isn't Ok

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 19 Feb 2022



Whether or not you agree with the movement that the trucker's convoy in Ottawa is fighting for, we have to look at the situation from a wider view and realize all the dangerous things that are happening.

Living in 2022, hypocrisy and tyranny look a lot different than they used to. Being a "free" and "democratic" nation seems to basically just be an excuse for why it's ok to do terrible things to their citizens in the name of maintaining law and order. It won't happen (I hope) that a country like Canada would just throw protestors in a long term political prison, but they currently have the ability to make things feel like a prison on the outside.

We've seen police brutality and unjust enforcement before from "free" nations, but this time it's going a step further down the path of wildly irrational hypocrisy. From what I have seen, it seems like the Canadian government has put out sweeping orders to be able to freeze the finances of anyone that disagrees with them or "dissents" against law and order. Once again, whether or not you agree with the protest is irrelevant; we are watching one of the most powerful and connected nations in the world publicly restrict the rights of their own citizens.

The government has now given financial institutions the power to freeze accounts for any reason at all with no repercussions for them and provided addresses and cryptocurrency addresses (on exchanges) to these institutions to give them the ability to figure out if anyone has donated money to a cause they don't agree with.

If this becomes a precedent for governments, they can silence any protest and silence their citizens by limiting the resources they have access to. In a movement of any kind, funding is an essential part to keeping the movement going, whether it is advertising or simply just feeding the protestors. The government now has come out and said that if you believe in this cause, you better figure out how to live with no money.

I just can't believe what I'm watching. This will have massive impacts of financial institutions around the world as people will stop trusting their funds to centralized entities. We could see bank runs, revolts, and more happening all around the world as governments fail to condemn these policies. It's just absolutely tone deaf to me that the Canadian government thinks this is a good policy for a free nation to implement. I hope the backlash for the political careers of everyone involved is immense.

Money is unfortunately power. It may not be the most important thing in life, but in the modern world if you are cut off from it, you're pretty much screwed. We can't let what is happening in Canada fall on deaf ears.




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