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The Value of Cross-Platform Engagement

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 12 Apr 2022

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Well it's days like this that I struggle to find a topic to write about. The markets are in the dumps right now, everyone has written about PolyCub and Cub Finance to the point where there isn't much more to cover (because everyone seems to be a fan and has done some research already). I looked at Splinterlands markets and they are pretty steady minus a few legendary cards regaining some value (i.e. Kron the Undying up $65 in the last two days).

As a result of this, I guess what I'll do today is take a look at the value of cross-platform traffic and engagement.

What Platforms Do I Use?

I personally like to engage on, Publish0x, Twitter and Instagram along with Hive platforms. I think that it is valuable to look around and get a lot of different types of content rather than becoming overly specialized (though I see the value in doing so if you are an expert in a field or a whale on a platform).

When you use more than one platform to spread your message, you are increasing the chances for synergy between them as well as increasing the volume of people who may view your post. A lot of times, platforms also have a different niche focus or style of content, and it is important to develop the ability to communicate your thoughts in numerous ways because we have no idea what the future will look like.

What Value Do I See Elsewhere?

The first thing that pops into my mind is Tik Tok here. I don't personally use it. I missed the initial wave of people getting involved and now I feel like it has become saturated with content that doesn't really interest me. With that being said, it does interest over 1 billion users around the world and is quickly becoming one of the most powerful social media sites in the world.

I like what I see from @khaleelkazi when it comes to Tik Tok and taking advantage of the trending topic of making money online. It's a simple concept that could yield powerful results. With the number of people looking up "how can I make extra money" or "how can I use my computer to make money", Tik Tok is a perfect intersection between information and entertainment that can bring in a new generation of creators and earners.

By spreading the love around different platforms, we are making it more likely that we will get noticed and that the platforms we use will get noticed. I applaud everyone who has been posting on other platforms than just Hive (about Hive) and is working to maximize the potential of our ecosystem.

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