State of The Union Inflation and Propaganda

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 2 Mar 2022



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I usually pride myself on being apolitical. There's typically very little positive that can come out of a debate on a politically charged topic in the United States because of the way the two party system has positioned us to act as party-zealots that attempt to strengthen their own points by putting the other side down regardless of the merit of their statements.

With that being said, seeing that we are tip-toeing around the start of a major world war, I figured that I should tune in to see what the most powerful government in the free world was saying about the state of our union. Well... I can say that was a huge waste of time.

I'll actually skip talking about what he said regarding Russia and Ukraine as it felt very unproductive and more sensationalist than anything tangible to educate me on the topic. The things that bothered me the most about the night were Biden's reflections on the economy of the United States and the general theatrics of the address itself.

The Theatrics

The absolute worst part of the State of The Union was the incessant clapping at literally any point that was made. The world is going to shit, the economy is heading towards rock bottom, but because Biden has added the most jobs in the history of the United States in a one year period (due to the fact that everyone was unemployed due to Covid and are now just returning to work) we needed to sit through around 15 minutes of clapping in a 45 minute address.

The speech also took around 7 or 8 minutes after the hour to get started because our politicians decided they needed to walk the aisle like it was a wedding and stop for a maskless handshake with all of their friends before sitting socially distanced to listen to the speech... It's just an incredible amount of hypocrisy that I cannot believe the general public takes on the chin.

Despite all the theatrics and time wasting, I would be much more willing to allow it if anything actually got done and helped out the nation, instead it feels like all of this is a longterm plan to try to win the next election. This cycle just feels repetitive and pointless.

The Economy

The worst quote of the night came when Biden addressed the state of our economy.

One-third of all of the inflation was because of automobile sales. There weren’t enough semiconductors to make all the cars that people wanted to buy.

This is a word for word quote from the transcript. The State of The Union. From the most powerful leader in the free world... We have massive rates of inflation rarely seen before in our history because... of car sales.

What about the endless printing, lending, bailouts of multi-billion dollar corporations, stimulus bills, etc.? It just feels insulting to get up there and tell a bold-faced lie to the entire world about why everything in our country costs so much now. I was just absolutley taken aback by this.

He then went on to say how the United States will be positioning itself to produce semiconductors by building a multi billion dollar city to support 10k jobs to build these. Each of these jobs will be paying over 135k a year according to Biden... Well that feels like it will make it quite difficult to make these semiconductors affordably. As happy as I'd be to see thousands of people making a great amount of money like that, it is a bit difficult to picture a world where we aren't getting massively undercut by other nations that produce these semiconductors (i.e. China) without the help of government subsidies and aid to the businesses... So unless they are running at a massive loss, the brunt of the cost for this competition will fall on the taxpayer...

In the end, it felt like this whole speech was just a gaudy way of telling us that we will all be paying more money for everything and that our taxes will be getting hiked through the roof... Though he claims that nobody making less than 400k a year will be paying any new taxes, that gives him a lot of verbal space to work by say... increasing our existing taxes in dollar amount.

Just once, I want to have a government that tells it how it is. This is of course a ridiculous request in our current system as that politician would simply not be elected because the other side will promise gold and sunshine and rainbows and the majority would obviously rather have that dream than our reality.

In my opinion, the state of the Union is very bleak a this current moment in time.

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