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By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 26 Apr 2022



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This morning I came across a retweet that made me actually laugh out loud while being alone in the house; something that rarely happens to me.

Here it is:


— TTI (@TikTokInvestorsApril 25, 2022

For those that didn't feel like watching, it is essentially a video of a guy interviewing a pair of girls outside of a bar/club where he asks them if they would rather have $100 cash or an entire Bitcoin...

Both of the women replied that they would rather have $100 cash because they either don't understand or trust Bitcoin... Despite Bitcoin currently being valued above $40,000.

Implications of Ignorance

I can't say that after watching this video I think that these two represent the majority of our society (at least I really hope not), but it does seem that there are not as many people who understand what Bitcoin actually is/does as we have been thinking.

I'm not saying that everyone needs to understand the SHA-256 Hash function or understand the full halving cycle of Bitcoin, but it simply seems people don't understand that there is actual value in holding the cryptocurrency. There is an insane amount of loyalty to the dollar and most specifically to cash. There seems to be a need (for some) to see their wealth in some type of tangible form. To me it is very funny to think about this because separately from cryptocurrency, the powers that be in our world are transitioning us into a cashless society.

The numbers on a screen seem to have value in people's Bank of America account, but those same numbers are not understood in someone's Binance account.

The Good News

We are absolutely nowhere close to seeing mass adoption happen yet. That means that despite the massive price increases we have seen in countless cryptocurrencies, we are just seeing the beginning of the financial revolution that is bound to occur as people seek to take back financial control from governments and traditional banking systems.

Because we are so far out from seeing the "final form" of cryptocurrency, DeFi, etc. that means we have more time to accumulate as early adopters. It is so easy to feel like we missed the bus, but what we aren't realizing is that we might have missed out on some gains, but we are sitting and waiting way ahead of the tidal wave that will reshape the whole world as we know it.

Two dumb girls not understanding Bitcoin has served as fantastic motivation for me to keep stacking and earning. I hope you all do the same!

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