Passion Drives Innovation

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 22 Apr 2022



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The Realization

For such a long time now I have been seeking a passion in my life. I have tried many different majors, jobs, hobbies, etc. and just haven't quite found something that I really was passionate about. I have constantly been looking for ways to make money or following hobbies that I thought would benefit me in some way (mainly financially).

Throughout all of that, I was ignoring some very obvious things that I truly did enjoy and that were what got me through the week. Not only were these things that I was enjoying, but with enough creativity there would actually be a chance to make some money as well. The thing that I do every weekend with my friends that I had not even considered could be exploited by myself for success: going out to the bar.

Innovation In Unexpected Places

I won't go into the details of the exact idea that a friend and I are now drafting into a business plan, but I will say that there is a surprising lack of technology being utilized in the bar scene. Bars and restaurants do much of their own marketing and attract clientele based on word-of-mouth and promoter-based advertising.

Living in an age of information unlike any in human history, it always surprises me when groups are not using the tech we have to their advantage. Within the web 3.0 community, we are constantly seeing cutting edge technology being created to solve problems (often problems that don't even exist yet), but we are so rarely seeing that in traditional businesses. The lack of efficiency in the working world and especially within systems like the government has been a real shock to experience.

Efficiency and the maximization of resources should be at the top of the list for every business as we move forward in the new age of our world. Yet, this is rarely the case as we are seeing a ton of "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" mentalities throughout our society.

I have identified a weakness in the bar industry that I hope to take advantage of to improve the experience of nightlife for everyone and to utilize the technology that everyone has in their pockets to maximize profits for the business and enjoyment for the consumer.

Look For Implementations Of Existing Tech

Nothing that I am planning to do is mind-bending or groundbreaking. Rather, I have seen technology working well for other groups and am seeking to utilize that same tech to make an existing product/business perform better and interact at a much more personal level with customers.

There are so many things in society that are not operating to the level that they could be. Most people don't really care and just accept the status quo until they are offered an improved version of their existing reality. The people who have become the richest and/or most successful in the world as of late are taking pre-existing products or services and making them more accessible and efficient (take Bezos or Musk for example improving the shopping experience or making cars more efficient).

A lot of the tech involved in making things better is beyond my comprehension, but it isn't so difficult to point out things that could be improved with some technological innovation. Honestly just think about everything that pisses you off and think about how it could be done better and you may find yourself with the next million dollar idea; I hope that I can say my idea was a good one when it is all said and done!

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