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Make Blogging A Routine

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 22 Feb 2022

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There have been a ton of things in my life that I have tried to do consistently and then eventually lost interest. I used to try to run every day... That didn't turn out well. I used to try doing a few hours of JavaScript practice each day and then that fell off. I've tried to meditate each day, but some days go by and then it's midnight and if I meditate I might as well sleep.

One thing that I've never had a problem with getting done each day is writing a blog post or at least a string of comments on Hive. I really thought about why that is the case. Sure, I actually enjoy putting something out and seeing how members of the community engage with my thoughts, but I also realized that it is something that is ingrained into my daily habit loop.

Every morning, I have been waking up and fasting until noon. Looking back, I realize that not only has this changed my dietary habits, but it has changed my daily activities as well. I am weirdly more productive before I've eaten because my body is used to writing my posts for the day before I have anything to eat.

Obviously I'm not going out and recommending you fast for all of your Hive posts, but rather I am showing that if you have a dedicated routine where you end up doing something specific like getting it done before you go to work or getting it done during a specific period of time, it feels like it is more likely to get done.

As much as you may love writing posts, there will be those days where you are feeling less than productive. If you are on a powerful habit loop, it won't matter what the outside factors are (for the most part, obviously there will be emergency exceptions) you will get your objectives done consistently.

It's actually quite laughable to say that I get done a few hundred words of writing each day before even considering eating, but hey... Here I am. I've been trying to post daily and have nailed that for about the last month I believe with only missing a few days here and there from traveling or some family emergencies.

As I said yesterday, I am not a professional writer, nor do my topics mesh together. I am here because I enjoy it and because it is a part of my daily routine. I have loved the structure of getting something out there for y'all to engage with and hope it will remain a part of my life for years to come.

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