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Let The Dollar Cost Averaging Begin

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 14 Mar 2022

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Today I start my new job and I am really excited to be able to get back into really building my savings and investments with what I am able to save after expenses.

I've written in the past about dollar-cost-averaging and still believe that it is the most optimal strategy for investing into cryptocurrency (of course DYOR, but I sure think so). I'm going to be able to put a good amount of money into crypto each time I get paid from working and I wanted to just publish my allocations to see what y'all think of it. I am most definitely not a financial advisor, but I welcome you to use my allocation percentages if you decide you like it and the risk balance suits your investment style!

The Allocations

One note that I'll make is that my previous allocation idea did not include a recurring investment in Hive or HBD because of the fact that I would be earning that through daily publishing, but I think I've seen the light on this one and will try to add a bit to my bags each pay cycle.


The king of crypto for the foreseeable future, BTC will be my biggest allocation. I decided that I should be putting 40% of my overall crypto investment into BTC


Though I hate the gas prices, ETH is still very important in the crypto world with the first mover advantage, I have decided to put 20% of my recurring investment into ETH as a result of that.


This oracle will prove to be very important for real world implementations in my opinion and thus I will be putting 10% into this gem.


I'll be throwing 10% of the recurring investment into Hive and HBD (roughly split evenly) as it is the future of web 3.0 and will enable me increase my earnings potential from curation and from the 12% interest on the HBD.


I'll be putting 5% into MATIC as I believe that it will be home to many great projects in the future (as we've seen with PolyCub already!)


This will be an awesome DEX and decentralized cross-chain network in my opinion and so I'll be putting 5% in it each week because I believe it can be very important for the crypto world in the future.


I'll split 5% between PolyCub and Cub investments so that I can take advantage of the airdrop and the high APR rates being offered here. I have written a lot about PolyCub and believe that the @leofinance team is doing a great job setting themselves up as an important part of the crypto world heading forward.


I'm still a huge fan of Splinterlands and want to continue building my collection, so I'll throw the last 5% in each cycle and see if I can improve my deck a bit faster than battling alone.

That's my allocation concept, I want to know what people think of it! I'm excited to get stacking and I hope that a few years from now I will look back on this and think about how well it went! Good luck to everyone!

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