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By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 1 Apr 2022



The Options

Here we are again. Another great project is dipping in price. Another chance to either say "oh no I don't want to buy, the price is falling" or a chance to BUY THE DIP.

By using capital letters, I have emphasized what the better choice is (NFA)...

PolyCub has dipped down significantly over the last few days, though honestly that is to be expected with the nature of the token itself as it is still being airdropped and the supply is continuously increasing.


Screen Shot 20220401 at 10.09.59 AM.png


Though we can never predict what will happen to the price of any asset, I have seen this pattern play out many times during my days in cryptocurrency. When you are dealing with a token that is being airdropped, people continuously dump that airdrop because they are seeking to find the next shiny thing to chase after; the people who make the profits in the long term with a successful project are the one's holding long term and staking the airdrop.

I've personally continued to buy and stake PolyCub to the xPolyCub contract as the price has been heading downwards because I really like the long term vision, especially when it comes to the self-funding loans that will be implemented to borrow against your PolyCub holdings.

My opinions on the project stem from a trust in the @leofinance team and community as well as a dislike for the way the traditional banking system functions. My cryptocurrency interests (and thus my personal investments) are in projects that are seeking to do things differently than they are currently being done. This yield optimizer followed by a self-paying loan is a revolutionary concept that I think could be a real difference maker in the future. This dip in price is a blessing for the long-term stacker, though it doesn't look great for the short-term speculator.

Do your own research before buying anything, but I think that PolyCub has a chance to make a big impact in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, even if short-term price is looking pretty unappealing. Stick with it and keep stacking... That's my goal at least.

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