What is happening Across the Bridge: Episode 12 - Show your Across Love for Valentine's Day

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 13 Feb 2023

Across is the bridge that Ethereum deserves, being fast and financially efficient. Across connects Layer 2 and rollups to L1 Ethereum, being secured by the UMA’s optimistic oracle. It has a single liquidity pool, a competitive relayer landscape, and a no-slippage fee model.


Why is  Across Protocol locking system innovatory? Why I go #LockedAndLongACX ? Because the Accelerating Distributor used by Across is a modified staking contractor that tracks when an LP starts staking the tokens and when the LP will claims the rewards. The earning multiplier increases as time passes, helping loyal LP providers to earn at an accelerated rate. 

My ACX multiplier grow linearly towards 3x, and me and the other OGs are half way trough the journey. The maximum multiplier will be achieved when rewards are left unclaimed for 100 days, and 50 of them are already gone. I staked my bag of $ACX since day one and farmed 1,634 tokens thanks to the perpetually growing multiplier.


But now is time to show your Across Love for Valentine's Day. Why? Because Across Protocol is the bridge that Ethereum deserves. Write an acrostic poem, then post it on Twitter with the #AcrossLove tag for extra love vibes.


An acostic poem is a poem where certain letters in each line spell a word or a phrase! Show us your skills and show how much you love Across Protocol, and maybe some bridge love will come your way! Post it, tweet it, share it, add it as a comment to the thread below or just share the love! 





Out here using the bridge with the best

Speed &



Connecting tokens, a winning mix.

Rewards for all, no need to fear,

Our token's strength and stability are very dear.

Sharing the love of crypto, we strive to do our part,

Showing how ACROSS and ACX play a loving role in our hear


(A)nywhere I look,

(C)rowds are happy,

(R)eally.. really happy

(O)verly in love!

(S)ince Across become the...

(S)tar in their life


Amazing technology revolutionizing the 

Complex systems and protocols at its core

Redefining the possibilities of digital transactions

Opening new for dApps

Saving individuals from intermediaries

Shaping the future of finance and the Internet


'Ere is a bridge called Across '

Tis so fast that it gathers no moss

Has fees that are low

Enables portfolios to grow

Robust security ensures there's no loss.


Across expansion and evolution never stops! The "Ape into Arbitrum" campaign highlights top projects on the chain, sharing knowledge and prizes during the Twitter spaces. City Clash, Lost Donkeys, Poison Protocol were some of the guests, and I learned something new every time.


Across expansion never stops, and sometimes goes to share love in other places. I had the pleasure to see the highest turnover for a Community Call on Discord. Over 1500 people came to listen the Tally Ho! feat. Across last week, and both crypto savvy people and degen chads were amazed by Across efficiency! 


Love is given, love is shared! Love is shared in the Across discord ... and this time I was the fastest to solve the riddle! It was about Poison Protocol and I won $50 worth of ACX tokens.


Residual Income:

Join OKX 

Join Biswap

Join Binance

Join Upland 


Join Splinterlands!

Hive Blogging - LeoFinance, Peakd, etc

PVMihalache Amazon Books

CakeDeFi $30 DFI for new users

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCashGet.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0x,   readcash,  noisecashLBRY & Presearch

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