SuperUMAns #65 - UMAzing Poker Review and Fore Prediction Markets

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 7 Dec 2023

UMA offers Universal Market Access, promoting the crypto decentralization and implementing blockchain technology in the Cryptoverse.

All types of DeFi protocols and DAOs can use the UMA tools to implement financial solutions and improve the way was assets can enhance the products. 

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The Cryptoverse is going to heat up, as Fore Protocol mainnet launch was successfully smooth! 

The prediction market protocol went live on the 30th of November, and it quickly added top sport, social, and crypto markets.

The prediction markets sector was enhanced by UMA's optimistic oracle, and it is clear that the tool revolutionized the landscape.

The tool came to decentralize prediction markets and solve problems associated with traditional venues.

FORE Predict is a truly decentralized peer-to-peer predictions ecosystem powered by people. The users can create prediction markets, determine market odds, participate in markets against each other, and validate the market outcomes.

FORE Protocol has created a tokenized incentive economy to mobilize and reward the wisdom of the crowd to problem-solve at scale.

FORE utilizes a decentralized network of people to bridge the gap between the real-world and the blockchain, forming the foundation for web3 solutions that remove friction from real-world industries.


The UMAzing Poker Season had 24 tournaments, all played after the Community Call. The prize pool was great, with 500 $UMA allocated for the whole event. All players earned points on a weekly basis, based on their place for each tournament, and added in the general leaderboard. 

The prize pool was shared between the top ranked users in the season leaderboard and the top 8 players in the December All-Star Game. The regular season distributed 440 UMA for the top 12 players and small tips! The remaining 63 UMA tokens were allocated to the final show-off game!


UMAzing Poker #21 was special, with MigthyStefan clearing the table with one hand! He went all-in with a pair of 3s and got the huge pot after a Jack turned up on the river! Four players suffered after this, including me. I was out of the competition too early... 


Another attendance past 20 registered players, and Da1n3D14N4 going all the way. A new player got the crown, and the ticket to the All-Star Game. Razer and MightyStefan consolidated their place in the leaderboard, while the chase for points went on for another three weeks. 


UMAzing Poker #22 had a new winner as well, with Thatcryptogal beating Kurapika and heruvim78 in an entertaining battle. I had one of my top performances, but played badly two hands and finished sixth. 


New winners all over, with MightyStefan finally winning his first tournament. It took him 23 games to lift the trophy, but he done it with confidence. Legend and Heruvim couldn't stop a rush of all-ins and top hands. Congratulations! 


It had to be this way! Last game of the season ended with a fresh name on the board, as TengoLoTodo topped TheRealTuna and Crackers. Decent turn-up for the final round, with 15 players showing why we love the game. 


The overall attendance raised from 4-5 players in the early weeks to an average of 18 poker stars! The number of unique players reached 66, and I must admit the stats were above my expectation. We had UMAzing time, and even a top 22 attendance half-way through the season. 


The All-Star Game concluded the 2023 poker season! The tournament has participation criteria, easy and flexible to make it accessible to the majority of the players. 

Any player that won a tournament throughout the season automatically received the ticket for the All-Star Game! Everyone who participated in at least six tournaments, or accumulated at least 8 season points received an invite. Only 28 players were eligible for the event, from 66 that played throughout the season.

The prizes were shared and everyone warmed up for the final game. Bags of UMA were shared to those that showed skills, punctuality and a top attendance. Congratulations to Infinity who won the league by miles, constantly finishing top in all the games. 

Pantera, TheRealTuna and Crackers also received nice gifts from Santa PVM, with some extra prizes also added for those that showed commitment. A special mention goes to Crackers, who had the most crowns. He won three tournaments in only 12 participations, winning one game in four participations. 


The All-Star Game prizes: 

  • 1st place: 18 UMA
  • 2nd place: 15 UMA
  • 3rd place: 12 UMA
  • 4th place: 9 UMA
  • 5th place: 6 UMA
  • 6th place: 3 UMA


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