SuperUMAns #52 - UMA Summer Poker Championship

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 25 Jul 2023

UMA Protocol has always been a pioneer in DeFi and Web3 development, constantly promoting the crypto decentralization and implementing blockchain technology in the Cryptoverse. All types of DeFi protocols and DAOs can use the UMA tools to implement financial solutions and improve the way was assets can enhance the products.

Behind the scenes is the most powerful tool, the Optimistic Oracle! The oracle can bring real-life data into the blockchain. The Optimistic Oracle differs from Chainlink and other traditional oracles because it has the ability to find the truth for ANY outcome, easily solving "gray area" disputes when there is no categorical right or wrong case.

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The Optimistic Oracle helped prediction markets because it can determine any truth. The OO will verify any smart contract data, offering versatility to power markets predicting absolutely everything ... from the next US President, the SuperBowl winner, Oscar awards to and any other outcome.

UMA and the Optimistic Oracle will have a key role in the future of DAO governance, DeFi, decentralized prediction markets, and many more blockchain solutions. A whole Cryptoverse is powered by UMA and the Optimistic Oracle... and this is just the beginning! 


Join the UMA Discord and get the latest news from the Community Calls, every Tuesday at 6:30 PM UTC. I am hosting poker tournaments immediately after the call, and constantly sharing NFTs & ACX tokens for the top players! It started with a fun summer tournament and has become a weekly chill out event. Show me your poker skills and add some Across in your portfolio. 

The first UMA Summer Poker Tournament reminded me to stay humble. I usually get into the top places in most of the poker events I participate, and maybe this is why I went too confident into this game. This escalated quickly, with the first hand went into a triple all-in and a 10,000 tokens pot.


It went downhill from there and I had to go all-in after few hands. I won the first leap of faith, but I couldn't bounce back on the survival zone. Tried another all-in and the gods of random ignored me. Finished forth and had to be a humble spectator for the rest of the tournament.


Manny maintained his early lead and played strategically against Infinity and pumpedlunch.  The 1v1 duel was sorted easily, because his money bag was 10 times bigger than his opponent. Credit where credit is due ... and a Humble Tractor for the winner! Welcome to our select clan Manny!


The UMA Summer Poker Tournament #2 brought no improvement in my game style, finishing again of the forth place. Deja-vu in the first round, as it went into an all-in battle that damaged the majority of the players.


The  battle was fierce and my winning bet went on Pantera, who bounced back from few unlucky hands and won the crown. He had few chips before an amazing winning streak, and then took the lead with three of a kind. Things could have been different if those 5s or 10s would have showed on the table.


Pantera joined the UMA Summer Poker Hall of Fame, getting his name carved on the Winners Board. I need to up my game and make sure I play better against this bunch of top players. 


The UMA Summer Poker Tournament #3 was by far the most entertaining tournament so far, with UMA team members joining the event. I heard rumors' that John Shutt is PRO level and it was true! 

It's something wrong with the first had, with another one that escalated too early. I nearly got eliminated and worked hard to survive, and was able to live another round thanks to a full-house of 8s and 10s. 


My money pot was going lower and lower, and I had to gamble! I played the hand and asked the gods of random for a 10 to fill the gap or King to complete my Straight... and this time my prayer was listened. Won my first all-in and started the game better than I expected. 


I slowly build-up and watched Manny showing off his poker talent. Call it luck or absolute tactics... as he won this hand thanks to a J high card. I could have won this had but I thought A7 was not good enough for the amount of chips in the prize pot. 


The final show-down turned into a crazy roller-coaster of high bids, bluffs and luck. One more diamond and I was going down, but somehow won it with that Ace in hand.

Took the lead, lost the lead, and took the lead again. Was time for redemption... and I could vision my first trophy. Third time lucky they say! Third time lucky! 


It was a roller-coaster of emotions and all-ins. Started the hand with a pair of J's and dived deep, pulling Manny into my trap. However, the hunter slowly become the pray!

Was no panic when the first 10 dropped on the table, but it ended with late drama when another one landed! Manny claimed his second title with three of a kind and made me accept his superior ... luck! 


Not every Romanian is Daniel Negreanu, but at least I am getting closer to the top place. I was close enough to touch the trophy, and this motivated me for the following week! Forth time lucky?


New week and another chance to claim the crown! UMA Summer Poker Tournament #4 was quick, with the top battles happening after few hands. Got into a cozy position after won 6l chips with a Flush, and the follow-up was prudent. 


Consolidated my chips leader position in the next rounds, and losing some points against a Flush was not that painful. Maybe it was hard to digest for Infinity, who had three of a kind and lost.


It was quick from her and ended up in no time, as both opponents joined me into a fiery battle! I took an early advantage and played a calculated game.

You have no other option then going all-in with a full house! Infinity had to go bigger or go out, and I had to call it!  Clover made the call and nothing amazing happened on the river! 


I won it! Forth time lucky and I finally got my first UMA Summer Poker Tournament title. Took both players out with a top all-in and I finally tasted the sweet taste of UMA success! Are you ready for the challenge?


Crypto conference in Paris, and low attendance for UMA Summer Poker Tournament #5. Did I added more silverware in my trophy cabinet or a new name will join the club? 

I was in holiday as well and played aggressively from the beginning, getting on top after few rounds. Playing aggressively is a double-edged sword, as the trap can turn against me. 


I played a series of all-in and congratulation to Infinity who always called! Didn't got lucky at the lottery and he won the game. Shared ACX tokens to the participants and sent a Humble Tractor NFT to the new Poker King!

Want to join our perpetual event? Check the UMA Discord and be around on Tuesdays for the Community Calls! We will play immediately after the call and have more ACX tokens to share. See you tonight at UMA Summer Poker Tournament #6!

Join 6th UMA Poker Summer Tournament! 


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