SuperUMAns #51 - OOv3 (The True or False Oracle) and Poker Madness

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 10 Jul 2023

The evolution never stops at Risk Labs, where Across Protocol and the Optimistic Oracle are powering a modern Cryptoverse. UMA 2.0  was launched at the start of the year, allowing the token holders to stake, vote and earn continuous rewards. 

The Optimistic Oracle differs from Chainlink and other traditional oracles because it has the ability to find the truth for ANY outcome, easily solving  "gray area" disputes when there is no categorical right or wrong case. 

This amazing tool just got upgraded to V3, as the protocol worldwide network will now validated easier if statements are either true or false! This means that developers can use any data source, such as an API or other data feed, and use UMA to both put the data on-chain and publicly guarantee it against manipulation.


The new Optimistic Oracle V3 introduced “escalation managers” that enable customized security properties for each integration, giving protocols more flexibility over how disputes are handled.

The smart contracts and DeFi applications can now solve grey area disputes and validated information about the world. The OOv3 introduced a new logic pattern for UMA’s optimistic oracle, that of an “assertion pattern". The new system replaced the “question-and-answer" dispute mechanics.

What types of assertions can be validated with the new Optimistic Oracle V3?

  • Macroeconomic data feeds such as GDP, CPI, inflation, employment rates, and even consumer sentiment.
  • Financial data feeds such as data on treasury yields, FED funds rate, mortgage rates or credit card interest rates
  • Geographic data feeds such as location data, maps, or geographic information system (GIS) data
  • Energy data feeds such as energy consumption, production, and prices, as well as renewable energy data.
  • Transportation data feeds, traffic patterns and logistics data.
  • Stock market data feeds and real-time or historical stock prices, stock market indices, and other financial market data.
  • Weather data feed such as real-time weather forecasts, historical weather data, and climate information.
  • Social media data feeds, including data from social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Healthcare data feeds, data on healthcare costs, patient outcomes, and healthcare provider performance.
  • Low-frequency data such as data about one-time events, which the OOv3 is uniquely well-suited to validate

There is no usage fee for using the Optimistic Oracle V3, only gas costs related to proposing and bonds (which are returned if the assertions are not disputed). Read more about it in the Medium Announcement!


The OOv3 launch was covered in the UMA Discord, the best place to enhance crypto knowledge! Great attendance, lots of alpha shared in the call, and good vibes. It rained with $UMA and $ACX tips and airdrops, and I prepared a poker tournament. 

Aggressive play and few bluffs took me to the final table, where I had to face a gang of skillful players. Poker face on and random play activated! Crazy how a third Q made Infinity lose the round, as the diamond upgraded by bluff to a flush! 


Jumping into a 1v1 with Pantera, with AK in hand, and countering his all-in with a straight. This hand took me up to chips leader, and made me over confident. I nearly got out of the tournament, as I lost 6-7 hands in a row, and had to play a desperate all-in with my last 400 chips.


I won that desperate all-in and made my way into a showdown against LiviuC. I wanted to settle the battle with a pair of 10s but a crazy streak of diamonds lead to a disappointing split. Time to up my game! 


Desperate times needed desperate measures, and once again I had to go all-in. KQ made me feel confident, and the hope improved with every new card on the table. No 8 please... No 8 please... I was repeating in my mind! The J settled the dilemma and I finally took the lead.


This escalated quickly, and was over in a couple of hands. I got lucky again, as I went all-in when my hand was upgraded to three 5s. The 4th cub on the table made me panic, as Liviu's flush would have been higher then mine. Fortunately, the last card was as dark as Sam Bankman's heart! 


PVM equals MVP, and you know that! Romanians are hardcore players, and I am not bragging about Daniel Negreanu! If this was an athletic event, I would have run on the track with the Romanian flag on my shoulders! 


Another great event by PVM Entertainment and Leisure, thanks to Clayton's amazing sponsorship! The top 6 players received a nice slice of juicy $UMA, while all the participants got a POAP designed by Deadcoin! I will see you next time, as I have MayTheFourth stuff to prepare!


The SuperUMAns will never stop to enhance the party, and a limited edition POAP was distributed to the poker participants! Thanks to Deadcoin for the amazing design, and the hard work behind the scenes! Keep being super!


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