Across The Cryptoverse #46 - Linea, Across+ and ZERO Seconds Fill Time On Bridging

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 8 May 2024

Across V3 is the first intents-driven interoperability protocol and it will deliver a level of cross-chain UX that developers and their users demand as crypto enters a complex multichain economy. Ground-breaking technology. 

The Across Bridge has expanded to Linea, making the zkEVM solution and its ecosystem’s applications more accessible and expand Across’ presence on Layer 2. Linea users and developers can now benefit from Across’ intents-based framework and Across users can easily access one of the most promising zkEVMs.

Linea is a burgeoning Layer 2 solution developed by ConsenSys, the Ethereum development company behind products like MetaMask and Infura. Do you know that ConsenSys spent almost two years on Layer2 research before launching Linea?  Unlike many of the earliest Layer 2 rollups, Linea is a zkEVM offering EVM compatibility with Zero-Knowledge Proofs. 


Linea offers fast finality, low fees, and superior base layer security. It also integrates first-grade Web3 products from ConsenSys and uses a cutting-edge system called the Vortex Prover, a type of zkProof that enhances Linea’s performance. Linea’s zkEVM solution promises to advance the Layer 2 ecosystem, offering fertile ground for developers to deploy applications that offer scalability.

Across Bridge’ intents-based architecture is a key benefit to Linea. As Across Bridge uses relayers to fill orders when users express their intent, it’s extremely fast and cost-effective for users. How fast? How about ZERO seconds fill time? It took zero seconds to send assets from Optimism to Arbitrum! Does your bridge have the lowest fees in the space, instant transfers with superior security?


With V3, Across introduced new features that transform the Layer 2 landscape. Across+ lets users request a transfer “+ action” at a destination with hooks, which means Linea developers can offer users an array of multi-chain activities through one interface.

Fragmentation and UX issues have been the biggest costs of Layer 2 scalability. With Across, Linea can remove user friction due to the system’s intents-based design. This means that Across opens up new possibilities for the Linea ecosystem. 

Crypto is a fast-evolving, multi-chain ecosystem and Across has become one of the ecosystem’s most beloved products as the cross-chain space has grown. Enjoy the new crypto opportunities that Linea brings, and get ready to land on even more new chains! Wen? Soon! 

Let's talk about crypto history, as this transfer may have been the first one to use Across Bridge to transfer crypto to Linea! It took only four seconds, and this tweet went viral. Super-speed checked! ACX rebate check! Not only this cross-chain transfer was nearly-instant, but I also received ACX rebate that made the bridging even cheaper! 


Moving away from Linea, Polygon zkEVM, Scroll and many other chains... to hard questions! Facing the "interoperability question" is a tough call for any developer today. Do we launch on many chains? Do we partner with a bridge? Do we launch on one chain and hope users come? Across+ lets you launch on one chain but pull assets from any chain..

How? By bundling bridge + action(s) within a dapp, this allows the withdrawal of assets on the origin chain and pulls that capital to your protocol's home chain. Not only does this promote onboarding, the cross-chain UX is seamless for end users.


Across+ allows you to create a Web2-like UX for your users and interact with your dapp as if those assets were on your home chain already. The whole experience is simplified, so the user can enjoy his favorite Dapps! 

When a user finds his way to the Dapp’s UI, Across+ keeps them there, without making them switch tabs to do bridge diligence, which could make them lose their initial interest. Across+ takes care of the token bridging!


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