Across The Cryptoverse #20 - Football Cup Finals Victors

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 19 Jun 2023

Let's start with the hot news! Across Protocol announced a new media campaign! The Ape In with Aggregators will dive into more rollups, new layers & cross-chain as the top aggregators in the Cryptoverse will join the Across team in educative events.

Web3 is ascending, so strap in for the ride! Join Across and your favorite cross-chain Aggregators! We've got videos, Team interviews and even MORE giveaways over the next 3 weeks!


Across is the bridge that Ethereum deserves, being fast and financially efficient. Across connects Layer 2 and rollups to L1 Ethereum, being secured by the UMA’s optimistic oracle. It has a single liquidity pool, a competitive relayer landscape, and a no-slippage fee model. 

Token bridging will remain essential for any permutation of the cross-chain future, and Across will keep focusing on building the best possible technology to transfer value across blockchains. 

The novel interest rate lending model, protocol-level rebalancing and dynamic fund management capabilities will maximize capital efficiency. The new challenge is to expand on multiple EVM chains and absorb finality risk via the network of fast relayers. 


The Football Frenzy 2023 ... with Across 

The Across community is vibrant, fun, but crypto savvy! Football fan? We have something for you as well! Boom! Predict the outcome of football matches and win $ACX! Check the community, check the bridge, check the future of  cross-chain! Most users who try Across stay with Across!

This event took place in the Across Discord Server, on the #contests channel! The participants emoji voted for the outcome of three games, and won bags of $ACX. Snapshots were taken when the game started and everyone who selected the correct result was a winner. 


Sevilla won against Roma after a penalty shot-out and made Mourinho very sad! Late drama in Prague, as West Ham won their first European trophy! Manchester City finally won the UEFA Champions League... after a billion pounds invested in the team! Who said money can't buy happiness? Took Guardiola a while but he finally got the trophy for Manchester! 


The competition prize pool was set at 4700 $ACX and increased to 4800 tokens due to the high participation! Every participant has the opportunity to add $ACX into his/hers portfolio, and get involved into Across Protocol governance and development!

Each match had 1000 $ACX prize pool, shared equally to all the participants that selected the right result. This mean that everyone hasd three different chances to earn tokens, and the multiplier that boosted the wins!

More correct answers... bigger prizes! The clairvoyants had to link two correct results for 1.2x multiplier and enhance the prize with an amazing 1.5x multiplier for all three correct results.

Only five Rangers went for a draw in Sevilla v Roma, and six for West Ham to win against Fiorentina. The highest number of winners was given by the UEFA Champions League final, where 16 votes went for Manchester City!


Victor was the only one to forecast the correct outcome to all the events and his ACX bounty was increased by 1.5x, going from 435 to 652 tokens! Our respect sir! Seven rangers boosted their wins with 1.2x, mainly thanks to Manchester City! 

I had two correct results after the two games, and was no point to share the UEFA Champions League pot with 16 people! I went for a draw at City v Inter, hoping for a boring 0-0 between the two teams. I missed the chance for 1.5x but can't complain about it! 


My fren' Victor had his prize rounded up at 666 ACX just because he was as good with his predictions that looked evil! Clover was the only user who went against the odds in all the games, and fortunes favors the brave! This unlucky clover received a special consolation prize, with 65 ACX to sweeten the taste of defeat! 

We go bigger each time, and we had spare ACX due to the low number of multipliers. All 21 participants shared the leftover 735 tokens, and their winnings were boosted with extra 35 ACX tokens! Thank you for the participation! You are all champions! Keep bridging and keep having fun with Across


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