"Show Me The Money" Jerry Maguire Loves Axion Token 2021 Parody! Best Passive Income 2021! Check it out NOW!

My first Youtube #short (50seconds designed for mobile and is like Tik Tok) promoting Axion 'Show Me The Money Jerry Maguire Loves Axion Token $$$ 2021 Parody! Best Passive Income 2021! #shorts​'

Maybe pushing it but let's find out! Hopefully gets picked up on the mobile shorts shelf at some stage!

Throw it some Publish0x and Axion community support!


In crypto, the Axion Certificate of Deposit (CD) investment is effectively called a Stake and the act of making one is called Staking. People stake Axion for 8% inflation interest plus a supercharged return via daily auction market buybacks!!! HUGE! Competition and Winning directly against the BIG banks! 

 👍 Get 10% Bonus Axion tokens in the Daily Axion Auction (with ETH) today:

Note: Axion token price fluctuates from day to day due to market forces.

Axion Price/Buy Axion on Market:




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Superman's Ethereum Ecosystem Insights
Superman's Ethereum Ecosystem Insights

My Personal Thoughts and Experience on Ethereum's Ecosystem and Token Offshoots! Enjoy! Cheers Superman!

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