Wise Token

Opportunity of A LifeTime! Wise Token Expected 100x to 1000x! 10 Days Until Launch! Top 7 Token on Uniswap! Don't Miss Out!

Opportunity of A LifeTime! Wise Token Expected 100x to 1000x! 10 Days Until Launch! Don't Miss Out!

Get 10% Bonus today!

1. The Pumpamentals!

  • Will likely be Top 7 Token on Uniswap (Wise token contract already has 45,600 ETH or $29.4 million) when Launching on 31 December 2020! Just 10 days away! The high ranking spot will Attract Tens of Thousands investors! Pumping the price!

Top 10 Uniswap

Wise Contract Balance (21 Dec 20)



  • World's First Ownerless Crypto Liquidity! Keys are burned!
  • Price Floor! Plus Price floor rises with Uniswap Liquidity Provider fees in real time (its ownerless, keys are burned)!
  • Net Buying on Uniswap expected to give 10x, 100x, 1000x or higher returns!
  • Massive promoters and modest referral programme!
  • Staking interest 10-30%, 4% inflation! 10% Auction and Staking Referral bonuses! 
  • CM Referrer status (check that out for more bonuses for auction and staking)

2. The Key Features

  • Liquidity Phase 1 (ON NOW) > WISE has a 50 day launch period (Day 41 at time of writing) for investors to reserve WISE. Each day of launch, about 5 Million WISE are available, which are distributed proportionately according to the amount of total ETH sent for that day.
  • Staking Phase 2 > On 31 Dec 2020 Launch > Lock up your WISE in order to earn interest over the duration. The longer you stake, the more interest you earn. You may access interest at any time for no fee, but ending a stake early penalizes the principal. All fees and penalties are redistributed to other stakers!
  • Uniswap Top 7 >  Cash out instantly using the Uniswap DEX. While other projects rely on users to slowly build markets for their tokens, the very nature of the WISE contract includes the instant creation of a massive pool of liquidity on Uniswap, featuring no KYC and the ability to swap from your private wallet.

3. How to Buy Wise token today! With 10% Bonus!!!

Use Your Metamask wallet to Enter Last 10 days of Auctions!

Click on Reservations at the top of the page/Scroll to the Auction Day you want/Click 'Reserve Wise'/Enter ETH and Confirm) That simple! 

Three Investment Strategies...

1. Conservative (RECOMMENDED) > Enter only Fix Wise supply days (5 million wise per day). SUGGEST Day  41 (today), as demand is increasing every day. Alternatively, spread your ETH over the 5 remaining fixed supply days (day 41, 43, 45, 49, 50). 

Fixed Day

One can use ETH (Ethereum), or select any of 10 other cryptos to buy Wise tokens via the Auctions. Just connect your Metamask wallet to the link above.

2. Risk Taker (very risky, not recommended > Enter only Random Extreme days (1-9,999,999 wise per day). 5 Days to choose from (Days 42, 44, 46, 47, 48)!

Risk Day

3. Medium Risk > Enter a mix of Fixed and Random supply days. 


Enter Last 10 days of Auctions!

MY FINAL Thoughts!

This Feels like getting into Hex and Axion at the start! But with its own special pumpamentals and world firsts!

Onwards and Upwards!




Supporting Information:

Wise token CoinFabrik Audit

Wise Token Whitepaper

Wise Token Smart contract on Etherscan

100x Calculation in green cell (first column assumed starting point, second column 100x, with ETH 2x price in 3rd column):


Note: Publication not investment advice!. Do your own due diligence before investing!








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