Axion Auction Day 79 (31 Jan) 250M AXN, 52ETH, 4.8M AXN/ETH! Axion Staking Blitz Ends 18.5 BILLION!

For Full Information Watch Todays Auction Summary Video:

Axion Auction Day 79 (31 Jan) 250M AXN, 52ETH, 4.8M AXN/ETH! Axion Staking Blitz Ends 18.5 BILLION!!


Get 10% Bonus Entering Auction 80 -  About 6.8 MILLION Axion Tokens Up For Grabs! Suggest too small to enter today for good AXN/ETH ratio. Wait for large auction.


How to Enter the Daily Auction?

Link Metamask Wallet, Input ETH to win AXN in Auction, set AutoStake Length, then Click Send, After 24 hour Auction, Withdraw from MyBets on the Auction page, then Check the Stake page for your Staked Axion Winnings, And Earn Daily Axion Rewards! Stake 350 days for Big Pay Day!

Get 10% Bonus

New Years Staking Blitz is Still Live!

Buy & Stake 25M+ AXN for 1 year+, and get a 7.5% Liquid AXN bonus!

Buy & Stake 50M+ AXN for 1 year+, and get a 10% Liquid AXN bonus!

Buy & Stake 100M+ AXN for 1 year+, and get a 15% Liquid AXN bonus!

Once staked, fill in this form with your txid, and you'll get your liquid AXN bonus within 48 hours!

The stake must have been started AFTER this announcement. You do not need to buy new AXN to be eligible, you can stake currently liquid AXN for the bonus as well!

There is only 2.5B AXN available as a bonus, funded from the dev wallet.

First come, first served, in order of form submission.

How this benefits the Axion ecosystem: If people have liquid AXN, this initiative will encourage them stake it and lock it up.

If they don't have liquid AXN, they will need to:

1) Buy it on uniswap 2) Stake it for over a year

This proposal is designed to increase buy pressure on the AXN token to start the new year with a bang, and increase the amount of people with long-term vested interest in the AXN ecosystem. If all bonus' were paid at 7.5%, this initiative would create $5.M8 USD of buy pressure. Based on our current liquidity, $18,500 of buy pressure increases the price of AXN by 2%.

Day 28 - Summary

Total Bonuses just sent out: 156,875,000.00 AXN

Remaining Bonuses: 5,693,913.57 AXN

Total staked amount incentivized by this event: 18,423,649,260 AXN!

Effectively Closed!




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