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Blockchain Economics: Formation of the gaming industry in the EVERSCALE ecosystem

By Oleksandr Overchuk | | 6 Jan 2022

One of the promising commercial areas in EVERSCALE is dedicated to the creation and promotion of online games written in the blockchain environment.

The main settlement tool in various games is the EVER token. Players deposit these coins as game bets or contributions, receive prizes and rewards.

Read more about games in the EVERSCALE ecosystem and their developers on the author's forum soon.

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Oleksandr Overchuk
Oleksandr Overchuk

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The main characteristic feature of the EVERSCALE blockchain system from an economic point of view is that its EVER tokens are NOT subject to sale on the primary market, but are distributed among the teams of developers, validators, participants of sub-governance (SG) held on the basis of competitions. This means that further resale of Crystals occurs exclusively in the secondary market.

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