My Lunatic experience with Luna and UST

By supamaku | supamaku | 13 May 2022

Here's my story about Luna and UST.

DYOR: Checked and saw that Luna is in top coins listed in Coinmarketcap. Good project with usecase and seems with lots of real people followers on their social media.

Invest only what you can afford to lose: Actually, my investment strategy with all of my earnings via PTC/Surveys websites are distributed to different exchanges and will be used for buy and sell alt coins, so for example, if i earned $5, i will swap it to a coin/token then i will create and set sell order leave it on exchange and if the value of it reached $10 it will trigger the sell.

A few months ago i bought $5-ish worth of Luna and my sell order was triggered a few days ago when the price of Luna was pumped.

Last month Binance introduced UST with some juicy and mouth watering way to earn more with your UST passively.

FOMO kicks in: I did not do a thorough reasearch since UST is a project of Luna. And it IS supposed to be STABLE COIN so i hopped in right away. I bought UST using my $20 USDT savings, so instead of getting $20 UST i only received $19 worth of it because the initial price is more than $1.

The UST and Luna crash:

Few days ago price of UST deppeged and Luna started to crash. At the back of my mind i will just leave my UST staked, i'm hesitant to remove it right away because it will lose some of the interest and will be deducted to my initial investment and since i still have just a couple of days i decided to wait.

I am supposed to be able to redeem my staked UST on 15th of May but now Binance finally delisted UST. My heart is for everyone who have lost hundreds, thousands, and for some, millions of dollars invested.

I have lost $20. I am earning extra cash via paid to click ads and surveys website, i'm so glad if i cash out $7 weekly. That is why I'm investing only $5, only the amount that i can afford to lose.

Stay stong everyone. It is hard and difficult times but we can all survive this.



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im still trying to learn more about crypto currency and hoping to get a few bucks from them.


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