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How I Received a Free Airdrop from Solana without risking so much money.

By supamaku | supamaku | 5 Feb 2024



Part of being in crypto involves researching prices, different projects, and one useful website for obtaining valuable information is CoinGecko. I joined CoinGecko not only to seek information but also to earn daily Candies, which can be used for claiming Free NFTs, memberships, discounts, Airdrops, etc.



At some point, I accumulated enough candies and was able to receive a free Airdrop voucher for ACCESS Protocol’s $ACS Token. During that time, I exclusively used Binance and Kucoin for buying, selling, staking, and holding tokens. However, due to this free airdrop, I decided to use the Solflare wallet to hold my ACS, sell some of my free tokens, and make my first-ever transaction without using a Centralized Exchange.

After staking the $ACS tokens, I started receiving rewards, and I usually swapped those reward tokens using Solflare’s built-in swap feature. It's worth noting that I only swapped around $50 over the entire year of 2023. Then, I discovered the JUP Airdrop, for which I was eligible because the swapping features in Solflare use Jupiter Exchange.

So, aside from the free $ACS, I also received $JUP, $mockJUP, and $WEN for participating in the Jupiter Exchange testnet. I'm also receiving free NFTs and have already sold a few after subscribing to the ACS NFT artist.

Even though the value of the free tokens I received isn't life-changing, I feel fortunate to have received free money from Airdrops without investing much effort or money. Recently, I withdrew most of my tokens from Binance and Kucoin.

Honestly, I almost give up on Solana after FTX downfall. But with these recent experiences using Solana Ecosystem gives me more hopium. I can also onboard , Future trade and swap tokens using Jupiter Exchange. Trading Real Estates via ParcL. 

Moving forward, I plan to use Solana’s DEXs and DEFI platforms because their transactions are fast, with very low fees, and offer numerous earning opportunities through staking, lending, and acquiring free NFTs for sale. And will try gaming too. Only Possible On Solana.

Currently, all of my free tokens are either staked natively, in liquid staking, or in lending, gaining rewards along with the chance of receiving additional free airdrops from different projects.

Please note that this is not financial advice; I'm simply sharing my recent experience being involved in the Solana Ecosystem. Be cautious of spam NFTs luring you to their websites.

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