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Happy Bicycle Day! (S1E5)

These following slaps are a tip of the hat to one of the greatest drugs every synthesized; Not only is Bicycle Day a great excuse to ride your bike, but another recreation as well.

Here's to my favorite holiday, which celebrates Albert Hofmann’s very first LSD experience. Here are some tidbits about that historic trip.

  • Dr. Hoffman initially synthesized LSD-25 in 1938 and did not become aware of its psychedelic properties until April 16th, 1943.
  • What is Bicycle Day? It's an international holiday that commemorates the date that Dr. Albert Hofmann first tripped on LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25) and bicycled home from his lab in Basel, Switzerland on April 19, 1943
    • The first LSD trip is reported to be far from pleasant, “A demon had invaded me, taken possession of my body, mind and soul, '' was a statement Hoffmann wrote in “LSD My Problem Child”.
  • Iconic figures such as Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters were first to start the holiday we know and love as Bicycle day throwing “Acid Tests” parties. 



Tracks: 28

Artist: 28

Minutes: 127





I based my selection process on this batch of slaps on an imaginary scenario.
  • Which was weather or not, I’d smile upon being within earshot of strangers blasting speakers while they’re strolling down the street?

So if you're into obscure charming music, happy-go-lucky shit, and the’ve clicked to the right list.

Are you the kind of person that straps speakers on their bike’s handlebars and cycles around spreading happiness? If neither of those scenarios seem kosher, then please DO NOT listen to this episode! (S1E5)




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Sundae Slaps : Curated Music
Sundae Slaps : Curated Music

Sundae Slaps is a curated music playlist that is released monthly. It's between 60 - 180 minutes (Usually 1 Hour) and will be loosely held together by a theme. Such as speed walking, spooky sounds, summer vibes, tone, and aesthetic.

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