What Gear you need to start photography?!!

By Sumon | Sumon | 2 Jul 2019

As a beginner photographer it’s not mandatory to buy expensive gear. If you have money then you can go for it, but it’s not mandatory. Always remember that photo doesn’t created by the expensive camera or the lenses, it’s you the photographer who create the exclusive photos, you are the master and the gear just a weapon to create photos by your command.

As a beginner photographer you need below gear-

1.Entry level camera: Mind that the entry level camera is comparatively cheap but it’s not a trash. This is the kind of compact package you will get within your budget.


As an entry level camera Nikon D3500, Nikon D3400, Canon EOS Rebel T7i / Canon EOS 800D, Nikon D5600 is popular.

2. Entry level Lenses : At the beginning you don’t need to expensive lenses, you can buy a 50mm prime lens, or can buy kit lenses after get riding on this lenses and getting understand your aims and better interest you may go for other lenses according to it.


                                                           351665157-3206e280151efc41a562f99c9666edb1af52c9ac73d675388b5d5156d2f1b6fb.jpeg 351665157-2c8846772a15e82edfdc6aeecfded165165a747b1afb6dd780f743deca880f7d.jpeg


3. Tripod: This thing is not actually costly but very effective and sometimes saves your best photos. So my suggestion is to go for it.



4.Lights: Lights is the most essential element for photography, sunlight is the best source of light, but unfortunately you can use it best in outdoor shoot, for indoor you have depend on artificial lights. There is many kind of light in market and prices varies according to the quality and function of use. My recommendation is to keep it in your buying list but don’t make hurry.


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