A One-Click Solution To Clear Your Browser Data

In this article, I will show you how you can clear your Chrome Browser data with just one click. Normally when we clear our chrome browser data we need to go to "chrome://settings/privacy" and clear browser data on that page. But if you use the extension I'm using you can just click on the extension and clear your browser data on the same page without going to another location to find "browser clearing" options. so download and add the following extension to your chrome browser.

Download the browser clearing extension here:-

your added extension will look something like the following picture when you click on it. 


So in the extension, you can choose which data you want to clear. I normally only clear history and downloads because I like to keep my accounts logged on otherwise I will have to log in every time I clear browser data. you can choose any data you like to clear. And if you click the little downward arrow next to the word "all time" you can choose how old the data, that you want to remove. And the gear icon is to see all the options and settings of the extension. And the light bulb icon is to change the theme to dark or light.

Also if you think the extension can read all of your data on websites you can right-click on the extension and click "this can read and change site data" and choose "when you click on the extension" just to be safe, you know.

So that is it for this article guys. hope you learned something. I will see you in my next article!


P.S. (this was originally posted on my blog on the Coinpayu website)

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