Student Coin: how will STC Exchange and STC Terminal look like?

Student Coin: how will STC Exchange and STC Terminal look like?

By The Unknown | Student Coin project | 7 Apr 2021

As you probably know by now, the Student Coin project is booming and in the middle of its crowdinvesting campaign. At the moment, the project has already raised over 28.4mio dollars and is in phase 110. This means that you can buy one STC for $0.0181. 


However, new features will be available very soon, once this ICO is over and the STC is listed. The two biggest changes that will happen is the appearance of the STC Exchange and the STC Terminal. But what are they and what will they be used for? What will it look like? Here are some explanations...

STC Exchange

This Exchange will be the place to use your STCs if you want to. You will be able to exchange them against other cryptos as on other platforms, take various positions, invest them in new projects, in tokens created by other people on the platform.

STC Exchange


You will also be able to stack your STCs or invest in a project you like and trust via the crowdfunding page that should be directly available in the exchange. A rating system will also be present in order to identify tokens with high potential! Here are some images that summarize how this exchange will be soon.



STC Terminal

The STC Terminal will be in fact a page totally dedicated to the creation of new tokens through the STC.


Normally, the Terminal will be available in Q3 of this year! You will be able to create your own token via this Terminal which will guide you step by step in the kind of token you want to issue, the quantity etc. I find this very interesting since it allows anyone to create and list a token on the STC exchange afterwards. This will surely allow many projects to hatch because they will have a great visibility and the rating system will also allow to filter directly the less serious projects.



I am for a part impatient that these two functionalities will be unlocked soon, but before that, let's wait to see what the ICO gives. As a reminder, it is by far not too late to invest in STC as the price of STC is still very low compared to its valuation on Coinmarketcap. If you want to buy STC, there is only one official place, the STC Launchpad site HERE.

Have a nice day and see you soon!

The Unknown.

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