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Last news from the Student Coin (STC) project !

By The Unknown | Student Coin project | 24 Jun 2021

As you know from my previous articles on the student coin, I am a big fan of this project and would like to tell you where we are in the progress of this project.
The ICO of three months ago having raised more than 70mio dollars, we can be happy that this project will mature in the next months with new features because it is true that for the moment, the student coin has no concrete use.

What has been set up?

First of all, since its launch, the STC has been listed and is available in more than 7 exchanges, with the biggest of them for now Kucoin! Another major exchange is expected by the end of this month, good news to make the project known.


In addition, the core team have released the mobile application for IOS and Android. Although still limited, the various options will open up little by little. It is now possible to send STC from our wallet to the exchanges and also to stack our STC for 30, 90 or 180 days! Stacking allows us to have advantages and to get other tokens that will be exchanged in the future.

STC staking

The MAJOR element that will arrive by the end of this month is the release of the STC Exchange. Indeed, the beta version of the STC Exchange is also planned to be released by the end of this month. It will be possible to exchange STC based tokens, such as LEAN and SMT (Smart Marketing Token). These tokens have been distributed among others to people staking the Student Coin.

In July will also arrive one of the most important features of the Student Coin project, the STC Terminal. This terminal will allow anyone, without any knowledge of information or other, to create their own token and list it on STC exchanges. As you can see, STC will serve as the basic currency for the STC platform. Later on, crowdfunding possibilities will offer a greater visibility to the project that individuals will want to put forward. Here is the Roadmap for the next month ! 

STC Roadmap

The decrease of the STC price is not worrying for me and somewhat understandable. Indeed, on the one hand the current market is very low, the STC following this trend, and on the other hand the STC has not yet proved its usefulness, its price becoming stagnant. But with this good news in perspective, it is very likely that the use of this token will increase during the coming month with the features that will be available.

I can only encourage you to go and read the news on the Student Coin website to find out more about this great project. Don't worry, no affiliate link, just a friend's advice so don't wait anymore and hope this article helps you ;)

The Unknown

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Student Coin project
Student Coin project

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