The Molara and The Danar (excerpt from Not Teeming with Life, a Novella I wrote)


       The Molara had one great enemy: The Danar. Both were ancient. Both had immense technology. Both were warrior societies. Both had been at war since nothing could remember. And nothing knew how or why the war had started. They lived far apart at opposite ends of adjacent galaxies. Both had plundered, burnt and eradicated what rudimentary live there had been encountered nearer to home. Both had tried to obtain the same resource and failed. What had been scarce originally had now, due to their rampant, foolish desire and destruction, become virtually, but not totally, extinct. 

       Now both battle forces were convinced they had found the solution to their ambitions. Both thought they now had the ultimate and final advantage. Both were convinced they could now annihilate their ancient adversaries. Both had found ways to manufacture, create or secure the resource that they had been lusting for since time began. But both would be wrong.

       The battle groups lined up. Immense and immensely powerful crafts that had, between them, destroyed whole galaxies and plundered even more. Both their intents were nothing short of complete destruction of their enemy; to rid their race of their nemeses. Both were convinced their technology could annihilate the other. And as a precautionary bonus, the total destruction of their enemy’s fleet would give them an irresistible opportunity to obtain that scarce resource that both had long been driven to acquire .

       The Molara and Danar now faced each other across the emptiness of space; each scrutinizing the other’s every breathe and movement.  The great battle was now to finally begin. The ships fired up.

       Nothing happened at first. A few malfunctions. Then the ships fired back down. The lights went out. The support systems failed. Communications and Weapons followed suit. Then the life support systems themselves all ground to a halt. 10,000 space vehicles became dark and silent. And dead. Some would catch fire or explode, but most simply just stopped working. Those grand vessels of aggression and conquest would now play the role of coffins for all those aboard.  Ultimately, these new technologies were simply not up to their given tasks. Both races perished in their overconfidence and arrogance.

       Both perished in their desire to make what could not be made.

       Both perished in their desire to cause what could not be caused.

       And this was only one story. Time has them in abundance.

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Hi folks. Hope you are all hodling on. I’ve been into crypto since 2017 and just buy and keep. I’m an ornithologist and keen musician and had a bash at making art and nft’s too. Hope you enjoy my random and incohesive ramblings

Random and Incohesive
Random and Incohesive

Musical ramblings - 2 down, one to go.

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