The art? of collecting model cars

59c015a1dd3ac8d838f277b2989b2266f8343dd9c1191155d1ba1964cc048c8c.jpgHi again,

In this post, I'm going to talk about a pastime of mine; collecting model cars. Okay, some may say it is a sort of strange hobby, but who cares? Not me. I started as an early teenager back in the '80s and stopped when it got too 'childish'.  In the 2000's something rekindled my enthusiasm (I have always liked classic cars - check my post on the Peking-Paris Rally) and I started collecting again. Now I have nearly 200, all the same scale 1:43 and often normal everyday cars, a few racing cars, and a plethora of exotics. 

It seems to have become really popular in the last 5-10 years and there are many company's offering good scale reproductions, such as Minichamps, IXO, Ebbro and Vanguards to name a few. Here is a selection - 






f54f76795ee89ba66713b9631767eab7490122ab8dd3a5bf7ae20963de499e17.jpgTriumph, Benz, Jag

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Hi folks. Hope you are all hodling on. I’ve been into crypto since 2017 and just buy and keep. I’m an ornithologist and keen musician and had a bash at making art and nft’s too. Hope you enjoy my random and incohesive ramblings

Random and Incohesive
Random and Incohesive

Musical ramblings - 2 down, one to go.

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