One down. Two to go..

Stuck in my head. Two down. One to go

By dijitalhorse | Random and Incohesive | 27 Mar 2021

          What song comes into your head right now? Sing it out. What is it called and who is it by? You might know some of the answers. But if you don' do you find out? Hum it to your friends who have no idea what you are on about..(you know the one with the cool wah-wah guitar and the girls singing in the background.. the beat goes like this.. boom cha cha boom ...!). Pointless, right? Shazam? Nope.  

          Three songs have been going around my head since the year dot. During this pandemic year, I have rediscovered 2 of those three. On Youtube. I was listening to a playlist by a bunch of musicians called Leonid Vorobyev and they started doing this song. I immediately said 'That's one of those songs'. Turns out it is East River by The Becker Brothers. I then decided to find out more. It was in the UK charts in 1978 and I remember listening to it on BBC Radio Chart Rundown which used to be on every Sunday night between 5 and 7 PM. So I was 10 years old and this song has, periodically being getting stuck in my head for 42 years! 42 Bloody years. Long Live Rock n'Roll.

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Hi folks. Hope you are all hodling on. I’ve been into crypto since 2017 and just buy and keep. I’m an ornithologist and keen musician and had a bash at making art and nft’s too. Hope you enjoy my random and incohesive ramblings

Random and Incohesive
Random and Incohesive

Musical ramblings - 2 down, one to go.

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