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De-Li ! The new De-Fi. Or maybe not

By dijitalhorse | Random and Incohesive | 26 Nov 2021


Ok, so we all know De-Fi. I am sure most of us are somehow involved in it. It's everywhere in crypto - Melonswap, Leftoversswap, Vodkaswap. We have all seen and used them and they are great. Taking control of our finances and getting them away from centralized institutions like banks and building societies. No problems with that at all.

So what is De-LI? Well, it's similar. It's simply decentralizing your life. Taking control back from Apple and Samsung. It might catch on. The title is catchy and it is RETRO, has it's roots in OLD SKOOL, whatever the f*** that means.

Back in the day, when I was at Uni. The early 90's, I lived in rural England in a rather quaint house with a family and a few other students. The family's children had long left so they rented their rooms to students. They had a phone. But we weren't allowed to use it except for incoming calls only. If we wanted to phone, we had to walk along a track to the postbox at the main road, about 700 metres away or so. Usually, when I got there, I would realise that I had forgotten some coins so I would go back and get some. Then come back only to discover the person wasn't answering the phone. Wasted journey. I was also into hiking. For that, I needed a compass and some maps - made of plastic and paper. 

Fast forward to 2021. We all have small mobile phones, but we don't even need to talk to anybody. Just a message will do - with a new language where letters mean entire words. So lazy. So let's go hiking 'I can't,' I hear you say, 'I don't have a connection' Imagine saying that to someone in 1990 - they would be as confused as if you have just landed from Outer Space. What does that actually mean? I wonder.

So De-Fi is basically stuff. I don't mean pointless stuff like fashions or fads. But the stuff you needed to fulfill a task. And with no spying or controlling authority over-seeing you. You shouldn't need to be tracked to find out which way is North, or what the temperature is outside. Or spying on your music taste, where you buy your pajamas, how many lumps of sugar you take in your coffee or whether you thought the remake was better than the original. 

So delete those Apps (you can get an App for that). Go running without a data connection counting your steps and heart - rate. Buy a book (or Hard-Copy as they are known nowadays - maybe). Buy a record player and a record and listen to it over and over again. Don't skip through spotify, never actually listening to everything. De-Fi your life. And make sure when your iPhone dies, YOU don't.

It might catch on

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Hi folks. Hope you are all hodling on. I’ve been into crypto since 2017 and just buy and keep. I’m an ornithologist and keen musician and had a bash at making art and nft’s too. Hope you enjoy my random and incohesive ramblings

Random and Incohesive
Random and Incohesive

Musical ramblings - 2 down, one to go.

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