A Country Turns to Dust - an ode to greener places


A country turns to dust

Our nation blows away

The flowers on the steppe

We can't hear them dream

The hillsides are eroding

The goats are eating gold

Nothing left to enjoy

Our young lands looking old


The mountains where the forests were

Barely cling to life

The hollows where the rivers ran

Are clogged and full of dirt

Plastic bags fill the void where animals used to roam

But our ignorance prevents us looking

Our arrogance prevents us acting


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Hi folks. Hope you are all hodling on. I’ve been into crypto since 2017 and just buy and keep. I’m an ornithologist and keen musician and had a bash at making art and nft’s too. Hope you enjoy my random and incohesive ramblings

Random and Incohesive
Random and Incohesive

Musical ramblings - 2 down, one to go.

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