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What is Web 3?


What is Web 3.0?  Web 1.0 can be compared to a library where information was stored.  Vast walls of texts for reading were created without the user being able to interact.  Web 2.0 was the natural evolution by allowing user interaction with dynamic websites that acted more as applications than simply pages of information.  With Web 2.0 came great advancements in user interaction but also many complaints. 

Many Web 2.0 users complain that search results are not complete or results are being manipulated to achieve a hidden agenda.  A great example would be to search for Senator Rand Paul’s discourse on vaccines.  It is not our intention to discuss the vaccines or pandemic, only to show that public information has been withheld or made difficult to view based on a private company’s own political stands. 

Developers are marketing Web 3.0 as if it will be a complete reinvention of the web, something that Web 2.0 was not.  There has not been a consensus for the definition of Web 3.0; however, the vision is clear.    Web 3.0 can be likened to an artificial intelligence assistant that understands its user and personalizes everything.

To get a better understanding of Web 3.0, let us look at an example. I founded SpecTruth, a metaverse development company.  Anyone wanting to do a simple Google search for SpecTruth will be frustrated because Google uses a consensus algorithm that gives preference to its online ad subscribers.  Google will "help" their users by auto-correcting SpecTruth to Spectre (James Bond movie) or Spectrum (an internet provider).   

Using Web 3.0, the search results will better chosen using artificial intelligence to assist the user’s search inquiry by recognizing the user’s intention based on their individualized past searchers, related topics, and the totality of the user’s internet use patterns.    

Web 3.0 is supposed to help users and companies.  Users will gain access to the internet without having its search results steered towards preferred online advertisers.  Companies will benefit because their websites will be more easily found and using search engine advertising will stop feeling like marketing extortion.   

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Spectruth, "Meta for All"
Spectruth, "Meta for All"

Spectruth is developing an AI virtual 3d therapy clinic to diagnose and treat children with development delay and anxiety disorders.

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