The next BIG airdrop - Open Leverage (just invested by Binance!)

By Kev HK | DiamondHands | 23 Jun 2022

In a bear market, preparing yourself for the next big airdrop is properly the best thing you can do to prepare for the next bull market.

Yesterday, Binance Lab announced its strategic investments in Open Leverage, which is a permission-less lending and margin trading agreement deployed on Ethereum and BNB chains, enabling traders to long / short any trading pair on DEX. 


If you are in this for long enough, you will know that a strategic investment from Binance is almost like a guarantee that the project will properly skyrocket.  It also indicate that the project's toke will properly be listed on Binance. Open Leverage has not issued its token, and so you can expect that an airdrop from Open Leverage can potentially be VERY profitable.

And the key is that - Open Leverage is currently hosting a promotional event from which we can get airdropped its unlisted token (OLE)! Below is the detailed step-by-step guide on how to get the airdrop:

1. Get to its website and connect wallet



2. Make sure you are on BNB Chain

3. Choose "Margin Trade" on the left

4. If you choose to trade BNB-BUSD or BNB-USDT, you will get 50% more OLE tokens

5. Choose the amount of collateral and click "Approve", then trade.

6. You can refer to this table for the number of OLE token you can get from your trade. For example if you use 500 BUSD and choose a 5x leverage, your trading volume is equivalent to 2500 BUSD. It means you will be airdropped 247 OLE tokens for this trade:


7. Right after your trade, you can visit the "Rewards" section - and you can already see your OLE token rewards there! This OLE balance will only be claimable when the token is officially launched a few months later.



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Kev HK

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